Image source: Hagerty magazine

The 10 hottest collector cars for 2020

Classic car insurance magazine Hagerty compiled the 2020 Bull Market List based on cars with the fastest-rising values.

Image source: Tesla

10 hottest rides from the 2019 LA Auto Show

New off-roaders star in this year’s LA Auto Show.

Image source: Ford Motor Co.

10 Mutant Mustangs: Maybe the ‘rules’ are really more like ‘guidelines’

Ford has stretched the definition of what Mustang means from the very beginning.

Image source: General Motors Co.

10 Videos that Break Down the Engineering of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevy breaks down the new ‘Vette’s tech in a series of videos about its significant technical features.

Image source: Lexus

8 Great Concept Cars From the Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo show always includes adventuresome technology demonstrations.

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The 4 Major Challenges of Wireless In-Vehicle Charging

Wireless charging is the best way for automakers to meet consumer demand for better charging performance in their vehicles. But there significant challenges to getting this innovation to market.

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8 of the Greatest Fathers in Engineering History

The apple doesn’t always fall far from the tree. We’re taking a look at eight renowned engineers and their children who followed in (and sometimes surpassed) their footsteps. 

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10 Green Principles For EV Sustainability

Recently published guidelines could help ensure that new battery technologies are sustainable and environmentally sound.

Image source: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

A Look at 10 Hot New Internal Combustion Engines

The internal combustion engine marches on, with innovations ranging from variable compression ratios to cam-less valve trains. 

Image source: Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.

9 red hot sports cars you can’t afford

Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari and others rolled out their latest and greatest supercars at the Geneva Motor Show

Image source: American Honda

The Ten Most Reliable Vehicles for 2019

A philosophy that stresses evolution over revolution lead one automaker to dominate the reliability ratings

Image source: Tesla

The Ten Most Unreliable Vehicles for 2019

Cadillac, Tesla, and Jaguar prove that luxury doesn’t necessarily translate to reliability