Which are some of the most impact health and fitness brands? Do you know that?

Let us tell you the answer — the ones that not only inspire but empower. Whether you’re already into healthcare business or want to kick-off one by helping people shed those extra kilos for summer, it’s imperative to present your brand through a logo that would influence customers. It can persuade them to join your gym or studio classes.

But before you jump start, let’s take a look at these stats surrounding this industry. According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, the health & fitness industry is growing by a rate of 3 to 4% per year in the US. At present, about 20% of adults in America own a fitness club membership, and this number is still growing with each passing day.

Now you know the competition is going to be stiff. And if you are unable to grab the attention of your target audience, business survival would be hard.

The human brain can process visual information 60,000 faster than the plain text. So, getting your logo game right is the key to success. When you start considering a fitness logo design for your business, you need to look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on just any design. You want to make sure that your brand logo looks impressive, but it’s also identifiable no matter where you put it on.

The first step in designing a fitness logo, either by logo maker tool or by hiring a professional designer,  is to keep in mind that it will be placed on various platforms. Therefore, the logo should retain its identity no matter what the size or placement is. For example, the logo appearing on your business letterhead can be big and bold, but when it appears on a platform like Instagram, it can be small.

With these ideas in mind, here are a few tips to ponder upon when creating a fitness logo design. 

1. Focus on brand vision 

The first and foremost factor that you should set before starting with the health logo is – to identify your brand vision. A brand without a vision is soulless. Find out what you’re going to pitch to your audience — a particular type of fitness or overall health. Are your products the central focus or your customers? Also, consider what you want to achieve and how you want your customers to recognize your brand. Remember, your healthcare logo is a sale pitch; so you need to figure out what impression you want to leave behind with it.  

The motto is to convey who you are, what’s your mission, and what you want to deliver. 

2. Embrace concept-based ideas 

If you are planning to use images or icons without giving it a thought, stop it. Whatever element you plan to include should have a concept behind it, or it will end up being poles apart from your brand vision and mission.

Therefore, before using any element, shift your focus to the concepts first. The concept could be anything. It could be fitness equipment that reflects the equipment you use for training, or an icon or a symbol that has a deeper meaning and is relevant to your health and fitness business.

3. Use relevant colors & consider their effects 

Do you know, using the right colors can boost your brand recognition by 80%? Colors have a significant role to play when it comes to logo designing. It can influence your potential customers and also have a substantial impact on how they recognize your brand. Every color has a specific meaning, and it also depicts certain traits. Knowing these traits and meanings can help you understand what will work for your fitness logo design.

Additionally, as a health and fitness business owner, it is essential to know that logos with a maximum of two colors have lower printing costs than logos with multiple color combinations.

For fitness or health care logo, the best colors include:

  • Blue — that depicts dependability and trustworthiness
  • Yellow — that shows optimism and happiness
  • Green — that stands for health and peace
  • Orange — that shows confidence and friendliness

4. Choose the right and legible typefaces for your business

When you choose the font for your healthcare logo, keep these three most important factors in mind —

  • The font should be simple
  • It should be easy to read
  • It should give a clear view of what’s written 

Some typography choices may look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, but they are not suitable to be used in a fitness logo. You want your audience to read what is written on your logo clearly at a glance. Choosing fonts from Sans Serif font families like Arial, Geneva, Helvetica, Roboto and more is a better option. For a more artistic and attractive font, you can choose from Slab Serif typefaces like Clarendon and Rockwell. However, you need to stay away from script font families like Comic Sans and Brush Script. 

5. Keep your fitness logo design simple yet catchy 

The best logos in the world have simple designs. The simpler the logo design, the easier it’s for people to remember the behind it and recall it. What’s common between the logos of Apple, IBM, HP, Nike, Pepsi, and Amazon? Each of the logos is simple but meaningful. Here, the idea isn’t to show the artistic side, but how creatively you can convey your ideas without being complex.

Don’t forget to incorporate the story (if you have any) into your fitness or gym logo design.


The right logo design helps you bridge the gap between your business and your target audience. Whether you put it on brand’s signage, letterhead, brochure, social media post, email marketing campaign or fitness app; if your logo is well-designed, it will go a long way. Consider all the points discussed earlier before starting with your logo design.

Don’t forget to share your tips with us if you have any.