Flat UI And A Half

Flat UI And A Half


Yanlin Ma
from United States with 7.4

  • Design

  • Usability

  • Creativity

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Collection of Yanlin Ma’s 2.5D UI interaction experiments on the web.

  • Pablo Vio

    Co-founder and Creative Director at jam3

  • Thiago Balzano

    AKQA – Associate Creative Director

  • Edgar De la Cruz

    Elephant – Design Lead, Art

  • Bruno Porrio

    Design Lead at Blizzard Entertainment

  • Monika Kehrer

    Co-founder Design Director at TRÜF

  • Andreas Panagiotopoulos

    Founder / CD at Uncloudy & Co. And Art Director at Forsman & Bodenfors Inhouse

  • Sunny Rathod

    Creative Director & CEO @ Trionn Design

  • Lydia Amaruch

    Graphic Designer and UI/UX Designer at Doctor Jekyll

  • Enjoythis

    Independent Creative Director & Designer

  • Andrea Puccini

    Hibo – Digital Art Director

  • Alberto Biffi

    Nintai Studio – Creative Director

  • Awwwards Users

    Awwwards Users – Pro and Chief

  • Lennard van Diggelen

    Senior Front-end Developer @ Sennep Ltd

  • Terkel Gjervig

    Creative Developer at Hello Monday

    • Yanlin Ma

      Yanlin Ma from United States

    • Furrow Studio



      From Canada

      January 04, 2020

    • Portfolio of Elena Saharova



      From Russia

      January 03, 2020

    • Plink



      From Netherlands

      January 02, 2020

    • Weird Christmas



      From United States

      January 01, 2020

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