Customers — especially end-users — tend to be straightforward with store and customer service staff as well as regular vendor contacts, particularly when it comes to product feedback. That feedback doesn’t always reach the product management team, but can be critical for identifying key product gaps, understanding real use cases, customer challenges and satisfaction.

Customer experience management provider Qualtrics has launched a new collaboration tool to help capture that feedback from employees interacting directly with customers. Frontline Feedback serves as a platform for customer experience teams to collect, analyze and make informed decisions related to their customers based on feedback from employees who are engaged with the account on a regular basis.

Why we care

“Call center teams or retail store staff, for example, are often in the best position to capture a broad range of customer experiences and interactions that helps improve an organization’s product and brand perception,” Qualtrics said. These employees are typically underutilized despite their direct connections to customers and users.

FrontLine Feedback provides a centralized location for organizations to compile, analyze and act on this data. By collaborating on accounts through a single platform, cross-functional communication will help close these feedback loops and could help product owners identify trending matters.

outside-in approach to optimizing your CX program engages employees to help
organizations close customer experience gaps, improve product experiences, and
deliver on their brand promise,” said Rupali Jain, Qualitrics director of
product manager for CustomerXM.

More on the news

  • FrontLine feedback is currently available to organizations using Qualtrics CustomerXM.
  • Key features include advanced text analytics that deliver insights and recommended actions for the appropriate teams.
  • Qualtrics, which was acquired by SAP in late 2018, published research [download required] indicating that individuals working closely with customers understand them best.

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