Typography is getting more and more varied these days, as new trends and styles are added regularly while the basic roman and italic types remain all the rage. The abundance of techniques has become so immense, that anyone can try their hand in ‘classic’ or experimental typography.

Alternative or experimental typography denies the font’s primary role and isn’t necessarily about the type designer’s work. Instead, it welcomes illustrators, motion designers, digital artists, and applied arts masters to show off themselves via a custom font or an alphabet — without sticking to the rules of type geometry if they don’t feel like that.

Such sets of letters (which is a more exact definition) can be used just like display typefaces: to build up a strong visual effect for the printed production, branding, logotypes, apparel, and stationery design. Even stand-alone letters are incredibly engaging!

Finally, experimental typography is a great way to enrich your creative portfolio. Depending on your specialization, you can design an animated font, SVG font — or discover 3D typography.

3D design and 3D fonts are a huge trend for 2020 — so if you are good at Cinema 4D, it’s something you should give a go to. By creating extraordinary shapes and textures, you can create stunning compositions and build up entire scenes. Alongside casual 3D modeling, there are also letters made of wood, metal, and even foodstuff, which can take you to the next level of artistry.

Such types and sets of letters can help an illustrator apply the maximum of creativity and artistic skills. All in all, there are many drawing techniques to go with typography. Low poly art, vector fonts — you can even end up creating your own visual language similar to Matahari.

Experimental typography is not only for artistic entertainment. In October a group of social activists from Russia presented Dobroshrift.

This is a Cyrillic typeface drawn by children with cerebral palsy, and every letter has behind it a story of a precise child coming through this disorder. The Font of Kindness is also available in the Latin alphabet

Kinetic Typography & Animated Fonts

Love to a fine cycle in the style of Markus Magnusson is something everyone bears inside. And passion for GIFs too. So a motion masterly combines with a type can both boost your portfolio and help you do something new in After Effects. Shall it be an animated font or a piece of kinetic typography (which is a great technique to capture attention) — you decide!

9 Ridiculously Good Examples of Kinetic Typography

by Pavel Paratov, Luis Miguel Torres

by Jeroen Krielaars, MARÍA JOSÉ TORRERO HEREDIA, Animography