Yell Business has launched a new tool that shows graphic designers how much better off they would be working in 25 different countries across the globe. The research takes into account the average salary and cost of living in countries such as China, South Africa, France and Brazil to calculate equivalent earnings worldwide.

China, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland topped the chart, with the UK coming in at number 21 out of the top 25 countries. While China and Saudi Arabia both have a lower cost of living than the UK, meaning that the average salaries (£27,897 in China and £26,874 in Saudia Arabia, compared with £22,438 in the UK) have been multiplied, Switzerland still came third despite being significantly more expensive to live in than the UK. The average salary for a graphic designer in the country is a staggering £63,670.

Japan, the US, Australia and France all ranked highly in the table (which you can see below), despite having a higher cost of living than the UK. Although the chart has only been compiled using average salary data, it sheds light on the value given to various roles and how they differ between counties.

Yell CEO Claire Miles said in a statement about the project: “Our aim is to help small business owners from across the UK make the most out of their choice of trade. By looking at how equivalent earnings from around the world differ and how the UK stacks up against them, we aim to arm those who may be thinking of relocating with as much insight as possible as to the salaries and expenses they can expect across the world.”

The research, which zoomed in on 28 job roles from accounting to bricklaying, was compiled using world salary data from nine sources, including Glassdoor, Salary Expert and Erieri. This was then cross-referenced with cost of living data from Numbeo’s November and 2019 figures.