2020 has just begun and already, you can find a lot of trends popping up, including website designs! All these new styles and techniques are helping designers create even better websites that perform AND look amazing. But what are the ultimate trends you should be watching out for?

There are a ton of trends and tips people have been saying, though obviously, you can’t merge all of these on one website! So I did my research and checked out what website design trends are going to boom this 2020. Read on as I show you the top nine ideas you should consider implementing on your site now!

Nine Website Design Ideas to Try This 2020

As the years’ pass, the Internet just keeps evolving, and it will continue to do so in 2020. To stay relevant and have your viewers genuinely interested with your website, here are some design ideas to try out:

  • Bold Colors and Simplicity

We now see even more competition online, which is why brands want to be bolder, more unique! That’s why most websites will adopt bolder and brighter colors to catch attention.

Brilliant and deep colors aren’t just attention-grabbing, they are immersive and will keep visitors staying! Besides this, many web designs today are now merging both simplicity AND boldness to catch attention without it being “too much.” With amazing colors and simple design, you can still stand out and look good doing so.

  • Animations, Dynamic Illustrations, and GIFs

Videos became trending in 2017 and it continues to grow as the years pass. However, slow loading times have made it difficult for viewers, which have you lose them! So what’s the solution?

Motion graphics and animation! These don’t take that long to load and are just as enticing to the viewer’s eyes compared to plain text. You can incorporate animations, illustrations, and GIFs in your content or around your website design, like:

  1. Having mouseover effects
  2. Mobile animation
  3. Transitioning between webpages
  4. Parallax scrolling
  • Asymmetric Layouts

Many website designs are grid-based, most likely a way to play it safe. And sure, some people might see asymmetric designs an absolute sin, but it’s a whole new year! Meaning, asymmetrical structures are now looking even better because of its brutalism and individuality.

However, you still need to be careful when trying asymmetrical layouts! You need to make sure that it’s still easy to navigate around while still looking “out of order” in attractive, understandable ways.

  • Loud and Eye-Catching Typography

We ALWAYS use typography, so what makes it different from the former years? It’s no new web design trend, BUT the typeface design will start going out of the usual and traditional. This time, we’re using loud and bold typography that’s almost impossible to miss.

Words speak louder when it looks attractive and big. Having bigger, bolder, customized fonts can definitely keep your brand unique while getting the message out coolly.

  • Handmade Drawings

Website designs don’t have to ONLY be computerized. Websites represent more than what a visitor sees on the screen, but the brand itself! That’s why personalized and hand-drawn elements will trend this year.

Such illustrations and drawings add a character to both site and brand. It shows your human side compared to high-quality photos, a personality that will definitely have your viewers interested.

  • Voice-Capable Interface

Attention spans get shorter and shorter as everything becomes instant and quick-loading. That’s why web design needs to speed up and advance to cater to the easily distracted!

That’s where voice-capable interfaces come along, with smart virtual assistants such as Cortana, Google Now, and Siri guiding people to surf the net. Instead of having to take the time to type, they simply ask the question and get the answer!

  • Advanced Machine Learning

One of the trends predicted back in 2018 was augmented reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This year, you’ll be glad to know that these three are coming to web design, making it easier to personalize landing pages and capture your viewers’ details!

Because of these advanced technologies, you’ll know how to design your pages efficiently so your viewers will be more inclined to stay and check out what your site has to offer.

  • Brutalism Incorporated In Web Design

This 2020, we will see more brutalism in designs and go beyond what’s “normal”, building individuality as a brand. This adds personality and sense of belongingness to your target audience. When you humanize your brand, it helps build a relationship with them, which encourages more visitors and better click through rates.

  • CSS Grids and Scalable Vector Graphics

Smart CSS grids now offer options to create website designs into different versions, fitting any screen size. This makes the website more responsive for anyone viewing it, and with better interest! And the more mobile devices are being used to surf the web, the more important smart CSS grids will be.

The same goes for scalable vector graphics, as visitors LOVE multimedia. With engaging visual content, it keeps your visitors engaged and staying to see what more you have to offer. Besides this, such graphics are now personalized, made to fit just about any screen to keep your visitors within the site.

Wrapping It Up

From free illustrations and graphic software to advanced technology like AI AR, 2020 has a lot in store for websites and designers. It’s time to start becoming more aware and learn these trends to stay on top of the competition! That way, you entice viewers and satisfy clients, ensuring that the design was a success and will stay that way for the long run.

I hope these nine website design ideas to try this 2020 gave you ideas on what to implement for your own site. So don’t wait any longer and try out any of these ideas to reach your goals now.

Do you have any queries or would like to share your own ideas on website design? Share them in the comment section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated!

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