This plugin adds flexible Bootstrap 4 blocks to the WordPress editor which allow content-creators to build their own custom page layouts using the Bootstrap grid and helper classes.

The following Bootstrap components are currently available:

  • Container – fixed-width or fluid, inline background image
  • Row
  • Column
  • Button

This plugin provides 3 blocks.

Column (BS4)
Row (BS4)
Will this plugin apply Bootstrap styles or scripts available to my theme?

No. Bootstrap 4 styles have been included in the Gutenberg editor but need to be added to your theme for these blocks to appear correctly on your public-facing website.

This plugin is developed, tested, and is intended to be used with Understrap.

This plugin is giving me trouble. Can you help?

Yes. This plugin is under active development and maintenance–your feedback is important.

Please submit issues, feature requests through the support page, or browse the source at

Nice work – with this plugin and the power of Bootstrap I am finally convinced using the new Gutenberg Editor.

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“Advanced Bootstrap Blocks” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Added Card, CardHeader, and CardBody blocks
  • Added Bootstrap Classes inspector utility for toggling BS4 classes


  • Added background size, repeat, and position settings to Container Background Image settings
  • Fixed namespacing and inheritance issues with editor-specific Bootstrap grid styles
  • Removed unneeded wrapping div from around Container in WP editor


  • Fixed bug with Container save markup
  • Fixed bug with Button text state


  • Added background-image selector to Container block (adds style="background-image:url();" to Container markup)


  • Refined Button block (add URL picker, button text is directly editable)
  • General UI improvements


  • Made column .offset-* classes available in editor
  • Updated Button editor UI (per standards in WP editor handbook)
  • Improved block selection w/ CSS pointer-events


  • All Bootstrap styles now included in editor by default (this may change in the future)
  • Fixed bug with omission of custom container classNames in editor
  • Increased padding around main container layout


  • Added basic Button component (with style, block, size, outline, new-window settings)
  • Minor README changes