Apester, an interactive content creation platform, has launched a new product called Story Strip that allows brands and publishers to display content on their websites in a fashion similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

Story Strips include a multi-slide carousel of content that can be embedded into a website, allowing brands and publishers to create social media-style experiences on their web properties.

Why we should care

For brands, the Story Strip platform provides an engaging way for site visitors to consume content in an environment they’ve become familiar with via Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Publishers can also use the platform to promote articles and monetize content by inserting ads within the Story Strip.

TV Insider, an entertainment website with early access to the tool, saw 44% growth in interactive content consumption. Time spent on the site increased by 13 to 17 seconds when it used Story Strips to promote Comic Con coverage. TV Insider also monetized its Story Strip content and reported an 87% increase in daily revenue.

More on the news

  • Samantha Westfall, digital managing editor for TV Insider, said the tool, “Drove readers to our existing content in a fun way.”
  • In addition to Story Strip, Apester offers a several content creation tools, including a Story composer, and platforms to create polls, quizzes and personality tests.
  • Apester was founded in 2011 and is used by a number of publishers, including TIME, Rolling Stone, and brands such as Ikea and Virgin.

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