Top 5 Mobile Application Design Tips for 2020

For several years, mobile applications have ceased to be the prerogative of large companies and brands. 

With the increase in mobile traffic, an application becomes almost the same indispensable attribute of a business as a personal website or online store. 

You can’t surprise anyone with your own application from the city roll delivery service, a regional taxi company, or a network of fitness centres. 

Therefore, the relevance of competent and modern design goes to a new level.

Mobile Application Design Tips 

Cost Of Mobile Apps

The mobile application design must be convenient, pleasing to the eye, and understandable. 

A competent design will help. 

We made a list of tips and rules that will help make the design practical. 

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1 – Show the Main Value on the First Screen

Mobile App Design

It is essential to captivate the user and convince them to continue using your product from the first few seconds. 

Bring your main advantages to the main page and identify key features. 

There should be little text, and it should show maximum benefits.

2 – Simpler Means Better

Simple Mobile Application Design

Do not complicate the design of the interface with numerous details and elements, even if they seem beautiful to you. 

Mobile devices do not have such a large screen as personal computers and laptops. 

Such elements only distract users. 

The design should make a user perform a minimum of actions to achieve their goal. 

Creativity is okay as long as it does not interfere with the user experience.

The same applies to the functionality. 

There is no need to load the product with optional functions. 

Better do the necessary minimum, but ensure its uninterrupted operation.

3 – Use Proven Techniques

Mobile App Branding

It so happened that users are accustomed to specific rules in mobile application design.

It is essential for them that the familiar buttons are in the usual places so that the icons for standard functions are the same everywhere. 

This should be considered when designing. 

Why should you reinvent the wheel if proven tricks already work well?

If you make a super beautiful design, but it will not be understandable to the user, then it will be considered to be wrong. 

It happens since the primary criterion for quality is not visual attractiveness, but usability and positive user experience.

4 – Adjust to the Audience

Mobile Web Design

It is advisable to know who your target audience is to adjust the design to them. 

Take into account such parameters as age, gender, preferences, and interests. 

In this way, it will be easier for you to simulate the user’s path and determine their expectations and wishes. 

5 – Site Sync

Adaptive Web Design

If you cannot place all the content in the application, then you have to redirect a visitor to your leading site. 

But this transition should be comfortable for the user. 

This can be achieved by the similarity of design so that the person who got to the site is not afraid and does not think that this is a mistake. 

To prevent this, the mobile version of the site and the application should be similar.