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With Drama, you can:

  1. Draw user interfaces
  2. Create interactive prototypes
  3. Make animations

Finally, you will no longer need to switch between different apps to do all this!

To make an interactive prototype in Drama:

  1. Draw scenes. Each scene represents a visual state of your prototype.
  2. Connect the scenes with transitions. These are triggered when user interacts with the prototype.
  3. Drama will automatically create morphing animations between your scenes, based on layer names.

Please, watch these tutorials…

…otherwise, you may miss some of the best features of Drama.

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Check out our extensive documentation.

These examples were made with Drama.

Click to download .drama files.

Get Drama Mirror app from iOS App Store.

This will allow you to play with your Drama prototypes directly on your iPhone or iPad.

We are listening

There’s a yellow Feedback button in the top right corner of Drama.

Please use it to send us feedback and bug reports directly from the app.

We’d also love to hear from you at support@drama.app

Download Beta


Thank you again for participating in Drama Beta.

We’ve spent years building Drama and we are delighted to finally show it to you.

Please, feel free to share your Drama creations and thoughts publicly — Drama is no longer a secret.

— The PixelCut Team