Before I get to the subject matter at hand, allow me to conduct a brief sociological survey: How many times during the summer have you heard the following (or something to this effect)?: “I can’t believe how fast summer is going by this year.”

Never ceases to amaze me how many times we all say or at the very least think this as if one summer will somehow magically go slower than its predecessors.

Ok, enough of that.

As summer winds down it of course means back-to-school time, and in some parts of the country, school has already begun. Recently Cardlytics released their annual back-to-school research in which they identified five key trends for advertisers to consider based on 2018 results.

1. Back-toschool equates to more at holiday time

Amazon Prime Day, which as you know, was in fact TWO days this year. However even though we’re in the home stretch of back-to-school shopping, we also know we humans are procrastinators which means there is still time to move some pens and pencils. Yes, I know ‘who uses these anymore?’ But you get the idea.

4. One stop shopping is king

bother?!” Back to school is no different than any other season or any other day, brands competing with the multiliners need to work that much harder to get their piece of the pie. Simplistic? Sure it is. But it’s also the truth.

5. Online plus in-store shoppers rock

want, when they want it and where they want it. Simple.

In closing

I spoke with Cardlytics CMO Dani Cushion about all this good stuff. Here are the highlights and her recommendations for brands.

  • “In addition to starting marketing campaigns earlier to drive and capture earlier back-to-school spending, the brands who have gotten this really right have focused on what every good marketer worth their salt knows – it’s all about the consumer.”
  • “Specifically, it’s all about making your shopping experience convenient for consumers wherever they want to shop. Those who are winning back-to-school are those who understand how important it is to drive cross-channel shopping behavior.”
  • “It’s also imperative to make the shopping experience convenient for consumers. Consumers are busy enough without having to jump through hoops to shop and save.”

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