The WordPress websites can be vulnerable to bugging; resultantly, the data gets affected or gets completely crashed. The WordPress backup plugins, however, protect the data from getting affected. You certainly need to provide your WordPress website with the backup support for the recovery of the website if it gets trashed by the hacker or by any other factor. Due to the non-existence of backup support, you certainly have to recreate a website by consuming much effort and time.

Manual Backup Vs Plugin Backup

It is noteworthy here that providing the best WordPress backup plugin support to your website is very essential; however, it is at your disposal to opt for manual backup or plugin backup. To your information, the manual backup also works well; nevertheless, you need to be an expert in this regard. It is a technical task that does not afford even the slightest error. On the other hand, the plugin backup needs no expertise on your part; many plugins come with an automatic setting. It is worth mentioning here that all plugins are not the same. One can be different from others.

Some Important Instructions before Choosing Plugin

The first and foremost things are to decide whether you opt for a free plugin or paid plugin. Some of the plugins are free with limited features; to avail the advanced features, you have to pay for them. Having decided to use a plugin; you still need to know some basic things about a plugin; for example, it should be user-friendly; no detailed instructions should be there to confuse you while installing it. Moreover, the WordPress backup plugin should run automatically; you need not do the process manually after a week or two.

Provide the WordPress Backup Plugin Support

The plugin is required to provide full-site backup support; the WordPress backup plugin needs to support the complete website; not only to a text portion but also to the videos and other folders carrying important technical information.

Following are the Best WordPress Backup Plugins.

1. VaultPress


Automattic Inc. provides the service of it directly. Backpack has to be installed first to subscribe to the vault press. Once the service is activated your copies are saved at some off-site place; you continue to avail the plugin backup and security at the little amount of $3.75/month. You need not worry about your website and its security being backup by the highly functional tool.

2. Duplicator


While mentioning about the WordPress backup plugins, the experts surely discuss the duplicator as one of the best backup plugins. Due to worldwide popularity, the number of people is going beyond 100,0000, who have installed it across the world. The reason why this backup plugin has very popular around the globe is very simple; for example, it copies the entire website to provide you complete data you lose due to the crashing of the website. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning here, that the person, who uses it, needs to be well trained about some technicalities of operating it. It is therefore suggested to hire a technical expert to run the plugin; instead of running it wrongly on your part. Once you hire a person to operate it or you take some training about operating it; the plugin better secures your website than the many other websites.

3. CYAN Backup


It is also a very effective WordPress backup plugin to secure your website. Moreover, it happens to be providing, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly backup as per your need. In addition to it; you can opt for backing up limited data of your choice. It is at your disposal to use it as per your needs.

4. Backup Buddy


Another highly effective backup plugin secures your website as per your demand. You are free to avail of its services daily, weekly basis, or monthly basis. The paid plugin entertains your all needs quite effectively. Its services keep you free of mental stress by realizing you that the data of your website has gone in safe custody; it will surely be restored if the website crashes due to any reason. It is your true buddy like its name “Backup Buddy”

5. BlogVault Real-Time Backup


It has proved to be a very functional backup plugin keeping your website data off-site to recover easily at the time of need. The data can easily be restored once the website is crashed by a hacker or it crashes due to any other reason. The amount of money to get the service rests between $8 to $9 approximately. The biggest websites are also given backup plugin support by the “BlogVault Real-Time Backup”.

6. BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin


With more than 600000 installs, the plugin has been very popular around the globe; it creates an off-site back place to keep your data more secure than it is on your website. For your information, the plugin is available online free of charges; however, it provides customized services; if you need to avail it with full resources; purchase it online for the better security of your WordPress website.

7. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Backup WordPress Site To Dropbox For Free

The backup plugin works with the Dropbox; what you need to do to have a dropbox account to keep your data secured. Commonly, it is free of charges plugin, however, the data exceeding the limit of 2 GB can’t be secured without paying for it. To use the plugin under discussion is as easy as using dropbox.

8. BackUpWordPress

backup WordPress

Due to having a huge capacity to make a copy of every available data on your website; the backup plugin has been very popular among the users. More than 1200000 downloads are proof of its workability. You just have to install it online after paying a little amount of money.

9. UpdraftPlus


The plugin is being used across the world by more than 2 million people. The plugin copies your web’s data at the off-site place and provides you at times you need it serve any purpose; for example, your website has crashed due to any reason.

10. BoldGrid Backup


The WordPress backup plugin is highly functional making too many copies of your website to restore your website when you need it. The plugin costs $60 annually; a very little amount as compared to the benefits you gain out of it.


The best WordPress backup plugins have made it possible to restore your website if it crashes; the backup plugins tool performs a great service.