The martech management tool is available to CabinetM’s Professional and Enterprise subscription users.

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CabinetM has released a new version of its Stack Map visualization tool that allows martech teams to create a visual of their martech stacks. Updates include the ability to:

  • Isolate products within the martech stack to identify which platforms are dependent on one another.
  • See non-integrated martech solutions alongside integrations — making it easy to identify integration requirements.
  • Upload a custom backdrop to differentiate technology attached to different business contexts (customer journey products, sales tech solutions, etc.)
  • Fully document all integration details within the stack, which can then be exported in a PDF.
  • Export the Stack Map image as a PNG file.

Why we should care

CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton says it’s not unusual for martech stacks to include upwards of 100 to 250 technology tools. Managing a martech stack of that size is no small task, and keeping external teams aware of available marketing technology can be just as difficult.

CabinetM’s Stack Map helps martech teams stay on top of their martech stacks and integration details, while providing a visual representation of the available marketing technology that can be shared with external teams and company executives. (Never has the adage “a single picture is worth a 1,000 words” ever been more true than a visualization tool that highlights how a 100 technology platforms are inter-connected.)

More on the news

  • The Stack Map visualization tool is available to CabinetM’s Professional and Enterprise subscription users.
  • The Stack Map interactive features make it possible to click on integration links to see more information on how products are integrated and how data flows through different solutions.
  • CabinetM’s martech management database includes more than 12,000 marketing technology platforms.

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