12 reasons why cPanel Web Hosting is best for Beginner Bloggers

Why You Should Consider cPanel Web Hosting?

For any up-and-coming webmaster, the internet is a big sea of opportunity in which they can develop and grow their business. But as they dive deeper into it, they get to the “scary” place called hosting.

The more you learn about hosting, the more you’ll keep hearing the word “cPanel” pop up—and for good reason.

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels for web hosting, and many hosting providers offer it for free when you subscribe to their services. Ever since it came out back in 1996, it quickly became popular due to its simplicity and effectiveness, which it still retains today.

12 Reasons to consider buying cPanel Web Hosting

Here are the top reasons you should consider going for a hosting provider that offers cPanel as a site-management tool:

1) Great For First-Timers

The hardship of creating and managing a website is a thing of the past now, as control panels such as cPanel have made it possible for not-so-tech-savvy users to create a site and run it with just the click of a few buttons.

cpanel is easy for first time users

This is great considering that most webmasters don’t have the financial muscle to hire a dedicated support team to help with the creation and maintenance of a website.

And installing it is very easy, too. It has a simple and clear-cut interface that won’t overwhelm or confuse you with unnecessary clicks and buttons.

2) Speed!

Speed is crucial in the world of the internet, and if you’ve had any experience with the web hosting control panels, you’d know that fast loading speed is not really their strong suit.

But since more and more research has pointed to the importance of website loading time, Google has decided to add it as one of the factors that will help determine your search engine optimization (SEO) score. So the faster the page loads, the better your site will rank.

cPanel loads faster than other Web Hosting control Panels

In this respect, cPanel is fast and is leagues above other web hosting software of the same price range.

3) Simple UI

Simplicity is something that is not easy to come by when designing a web site, as there are a lot of things that you need to pay attention to.

cPanel New User Interface

cPanel makes it easy for you to navigate through all the upload/download, permission settings, and the all-around management of files becomes a piece of cake.

4) It Was Built On Linux

Linux is many things, but simple isn’t one of them. But it’s still considered to be the gold standard when it comes to operative systems for web designers and programmers.

Linux Logo

cPanel was built on Linux, and it contains a lot of the functional and flexible elements that made Linux popular. For all of you who’ve used Linux, you’ll see the similarities right away.

5) Excellent Support

Designing and maintaining a site is not easy, so it’s totally normal if you run into a snag every now and then, but getting back on track ASAP is important. This is where cPanel’s support service shines.

cPanel customer support is good

They are easy to reach and are available around the clock. It might not seem like much, but a good hosting control panel must have good support service.

6) A Variety Of Tools Available

cPanel has a lot of apps that you can use to speed up and further simplify your web hosting experience. There are apps for beginners and experienced webmasters, meaning you can find apps that suit not just your needs, but your experience level as well.

This is one of the big reasons that cPanel is used when creating large networks of sites, according to Private Blog Network. The ones that are loved by users are:

#1 Backup Wizard

Create backups in cPanel using Backup Wizard

Backing up your site regularly is a must, as this way, you will reduce the chance of losing data. The Backup Wizard can help you do this with just a few clicks: storing important data on different channels and hardware, and you also have the ability to transfer this data to a different host should you choose to do so.

#2 Cron Jobs

Set up Cron Jobs in cPanel

This tool is great for anyone who wants to run regular check-ups with automated scripts and commands on their page. A tool like this Cron Jobs helps improve site reliability by installing updates, performing backups, and more.

#3 File Manager

File Manager in cPanel

File Manager does exactly what the name suggests—it helps with file management and it makes navigation easier.

But if you like to go old-school and use FTP to handle files, your cPanel can make it easier by providing you with an account management extension, which will allow you to create new accounts to manage permissions and add or remove files easily.

#4 Aliases

Aliases in cPanel

Aliases is a tool that acts as a forwarder, but for domains. If you have a .com page and want the .net and .org versions to redirect to your .com page, this is the app for you.

Make sure the domain(s) are registered, and then enter this app and enter the domain that you want to redirect.

#5 Installatron

Installatron for cPanel

This application acts as an extension, as it offers support for other apps and tools that you can add to your website, and it also reminds you if there are any updates available.

Installatron is as simple as they come, with most apps just one click away. And the best part? There’s none of that file pathway sorting and customization that can take loads of time if you don’t use the predetermined files; the app just finds them and sorts them out for you.

#6 Attracta

Attracta SEO and Marketing Tools in cPanel

This is an app that can quickly become your best friend. It analyzes your website and creates a report with suggestions on what to change and improve so that you can fix any SEO mistakes or simply see what your SEO score is.

This way, you ensure that your website can be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others.

#7 Site Publisher


The Site Publisher tool allows you to set up a webpage and get it online fast and easy. It has great templates, and you can set a base page on which your personal and contact info will stay until you are done getting the real thing ready. Open the tool, set a template, fill out the basic info, and you’re all done!

#8 Softaculous

Softaculous for cPanel

Just like Installatron, Softaculous can be used to easily install apps on your website to make it more user-friendly. With just a click of a button, you can add apps such as shopping carts, content management systems (CMSs), picture galleries, and more.

#9 Cloudflare

Cloudflare in cPanel

Cloudflare is a well-known security app that helps keep websites safe, but it also helps improve the performance of your website and keep it at optimum levels.

Once you install this app, you get Cloudflare’s DDoS protection and free SSL encryption service, which is the first line of defense for most of the new websites that hit the web.

When it comes to improving performance, Cloudflare themselves claim that using their service can help reduce load time by as much as 50%, and also reduce bandwidth usage by 60%, thanks to their many data centers that are scattered across the world, which help deliver content to your visitors much faster.

#10 Mailing

Mailing in cPanel

This is also easy work when done in cPanel—it’s easy to both create email accounts and manage them.

There are numerous tools to use for this, and they’re all good. And the best thing about these? You don’t have to use popular domains like Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

You can customize your email address(es), which will definitely add more credibility to your site. Also, cPanel has a set of tools that will make everything about your email easy to manage, from mailing lists to automated emails—all just a few clicks away.

7) Easy Maintenance

Designing your website is important, but a good design is of no use if it’s paired with bad maintenance.

cPanel offers easy Maintenance

There are a number of apps and features in cPanel that can help with this, specifically ones that help you monitor the server uptime and status, create and remove FTP accounts, and create your own error page.

But cPanel also performs some automated scans and check-ups in order to see if any of the servers of your websites have bad sectors or failed services. If it detects any, it will reboot the whole system to get it up and operating at the optimum level.

8) High Security

cPanel offers high security

Hackers work by finding weak spots in sites and then exploiting or overloading those spots. cPanel offers a high level of security for your site, as there are a number of authentication and protection options that you can pick from.

There’s 2-step verification, IP blocking, and protecting directories, to name but a few. Here are some of the security tools and what you can do with them:

#1 IP Blocker

IP Blocker - cPanel

The IP Blocker ensures that IP addresses that you haven’t authorized can’t access either your site or the administration panel. It’s a handy tool that helps prevent both hackers and their bots from exploiting weaknesses on your site. It can be activated through the Security Policy tab.

#2 Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication in cPanel

Two-Factor Authentication is a simple yet efficient system that can be found on various control panels, and cPanel is no different. When using this, you need to first enter your password and then you’re redirected to another form where you need to type in the code that was sent to your email.

9) Detailed Statistics

We all know how important statistics are when you’re trying to get your page to become a relevant player in a particular niche.

Awstats in Cpanel

The first and most important tool is the Visitors interface, in which you can find detailed info on the last 1,000 visitors. You can see their IP addresses, the page they were on, the browser they used, and the search engine that got them there (usually it’s Google, but some may use different ones). This can help you tailor your content to your audience and shoot up the ranks!

The Awstats tool is probably the most useful one, as this interface provides info for your domain, and not just for the last 1,000 visitors, but for the whole month. It’s all divided in graphs, and you get to choose a specific time period, links that users clicked on to get to your site, operating systems, location, and more.

10) Cost-Effectiveness

cPanel is cost effective

This is probably the most beneficial aspect of using cPanel. It’s not nearly as pricey as other control panels, which is one of the reasons why so many webmasters go for cPanel. Considering all the apps and features it offers, it’s well worth the investment.

11) Database Management

Creating various databases where your site’s data will be stored is very important, and in cPanel, you have the Database section for that. Here, you can create databases and users for each one, and you can use them to store passwords, emails, usernames, and so on.

Some users don’t get around to utilizing this feature, but you definitely should! They are easy to set up thanks to wizards such as MySQL and PostgreSQL which can get you started in just a few clicks.


Another popular cPanel tool for database management is phpMyAdmin, which is a favorite for many webmasters. It’s one of the most popular MySQL administration tools, but which one you use and what for is entirely up to you and what you need.

12) Easy To Upgrade A Website

Once you set your website up and visitors start rolling in, you’ll need to consider upgrading your website, and cPanel allows you to do that in just a few clicks.

Easy to upgrade your website with cPanel

Now, this might not seem like much, but consider this: increasing available bandwidth can be tricky and time-consuming. But in cPanel, you can do it right away. Doing it quickly will help satisfy your visitors’ demands and reduce unnecessary downtime.

Final Thoughts

cPanel comes with a lot of benefits, and it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite for more than a million active users. Of course, cPanel is not perfect and it might not suit you, but keep in mind that proper web hosting can have a huge impact on how your business develops, and going with a control dashboard like cPanel will do you a world of good.

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