London-based branding and creative agency Dixonbaxi, founded by Simon Dixon and Aporva Baxi in 2002, has announced its new club visual identity for football club, AC Milan. The rebrand has been launched in time with the start of the Series A 2019/20 season – the 118th season of top-tier Italian football – and marks a new era for the club with various design updates.

Inspired by the club’s 100-year-rich heritage, the team at Dixonbaxi has developed an identity based around the distinctive oval shaped crest to symbolise the club’s 450m global supporters. The typographic system has also been updated to feel more accessible, following a redesign of the AC Milan bespoke typeface now sits alongside the AC Milan font. Additionally, the design takes cues from fashion, lifestyle and Italian culture, and its colours have also been refreshed and channelled into a consistent vibrant red across the board.

The new identity is visible across ticketing, e-commerce, the physical club area, team branding, merchandising, commercial and venues – such as the San Siro stadium, Casa Milan and Milanello – as well as Vismara Sport Centre.

“AC Milan is one of the most iconic football clubs in the world. But more than the size and history, we were inspired by the bravery of the project – taking one of the world’s most iconic sports brands and reinterpreting it for a modern, international audience,” says Aporva Baxi, co-founder and executive creative director at DixonBaxi. “This brand is applied on a massive scale – just in the San Siro alone there are over 1000 different brand elements to consider. We knew we wanted to tell a narrative that encompassed the legendary players in history who have worn the red and black shirt, to the trophies and titles the team has won through to the future talent and successes of tomorrow.”

Aporva concludes: “The rebrand allows this club that is over 100 years old to get behind a new focus and look at what the next century will mean to them. The process was hugely collaborative with the team at AC Milan and we can’t wait to see the new look brought to life.”