Ad measurement platform DoubleVerify has launched Authentic Performance, a new predictive ad solution for reporting expected ad performance based on real-time ad exposure and engagement data.

The solution analyzes more than 50 data points, including viewable time, share of screen, video presentation and audibility as well as engagement data at the device or ad level, such as screen orientation, video playback and audio control interactions.

Why we care

The aim is to give advertisers more data, faster about the expected impact of their advertising spend by analyzing a breadth of metrics, in flight. Advertisers can use the insights to identify how ads are either working or underperforming — at the impression-level — and make adjustments accordingly.

“Current tools are either fast but simplistic — with metrics like viewability and click-through rate; or, they’re sophisticated but slow — with data reported post-campaign,” said DoubleVerify CEO Wayne Gattinella, “Authentic Performance is designed to provide predictive data that are correlated with digital advertising effectiveness — in real-time.”

More on the news

  • CPG giant Mondelez is among the customers testing the new solution, DoubleVerify said.
  • Authentic Performance builds on DoubleVerify’s existing ad measurement solution Authentic Impression, an MRC-accredited metric for viewability and brand safety.
  • DoubleVerify integrates with a number of programmatic ad platforms, including DoubleClick, AppNexus, The Trade Desk, Amobee, Tremor Video and more.

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DoubleVerify, an audience measurement and verification solution, is now a Snapchat Measurement Partner, adding to the list of social media platforms DoubleVerify partners with to provide viewability measurement.

Why we should care

DoubleVerify offers the most comprehensive third-party viewability measurement for Snapchat campaigns, with coverage across Snapchat’s Filter, Lens, Snap Ad (display and video) and Story Ad formats. It is the only measurement provider approved to measure viewability on Snapchat Lens campaigns.

The company now has measurement partnerships with Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. By adding Snapchat, DoubleVerify can now offer customers a more comprehensive package to verify their social advertising campaigns — keeping them from having to turn to a variety of solutions to monitor viewability and ad fraud.

“Measurement across platforms can vary dramatically,” said DoubleVerify CEO Wayne Gattinella, “DoubleVerify uses consistent evaluation standards across environments — including web, mobile app and social, making it easier for advertisers to benchmark performance across their entire media plan.”

More on the news

  • Snapchat has more limited partnerships with third-party viewability measurement providers Moat and Integral Ad Science. Moat is approved to audit Snap Ads, Story Ads and Filters, but not Lenses. Integral Ad Science can audit viewability for Snap Ads.
  • In January, DoubleVerify announced an integration with MoPub, to help advertisers reduce invalid traffic and in-app ad fraud on the Twitter-owned mobile ad exchange.
  • A recent report from the ANA revealed that ad fraud losses will total $5.8 billion globally in 2019.

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