Device identity resolution provider BounceX has announced that it will be expanding its partnership with email marketing, automation and marketing software provider, Emarsys. The partnership includes a strategic integration between BounceX and Emarsys that is said to support revenue growth with intelligent acquisition tactics and connected customer journeys for the companies’ mutual customers.

The BounceX solution, which allows marketers to identify anonymous traffic — or unknown users — will combine with Emarsys’ AI-powered personalization. Through the partnership’s API, BounceX campaign results will be pushed over to Emarsys to provide customer journey data and insights.

Why we should care

The question of how
we treat “unknown users” or “unknown visitors” has plagued
marketers for years. And while some solutions do address this challenge, few
integrations provide the level of insights we need to make well-informed decisions
on how to treat those users.

The combination of BounceX’s identity resolution capabilities with Emarsys’ personalization could help marketers identify anonymous online traffic while capturing key identifiers. Once that information flows into the Emarsys marketing automation platform, marketers can leverage the behavioral data and other identifiers to create campaigns aimed at converting “unknown users” into customers.

The integration allows BounceX identification (unknown user) data to flow into Emarsys, allowing users to view the overall customer journey results in real-time so that marketers can adjust message frequency, prioritize high-performing channels and manage suppressions.

“This partnership is about creating the best value for merchants and illustrating how brands can use complementary technology to drive better results, faster in the connected era,” said Dave Littlechild, global head of partners and alliances at Emarsys. “Every marketer knows the value of personalization and how it can deliver the kind of customer experiences that truly drive sales and growth, but it begins with knowing who you’re talking to. Most customers are anonymous — so it’s about nurturing those relationships to coax them into becoming a known customer.”

More on the news

  • The integration is now live and available for BounceX/Emarsys customers to use.
  • The two technology providers share a number of mutual clients, including 5.11 Tactical
  • BounceX offers behavioral marketing integrations for ISVs, agencies and email service providers.
  • Emarsys offers email marketing services primarily to B2C customers, as well as AI personalization capabilities and campaign automation.

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