A super lightweight Figma desktop app that delivers a more natural Mac experience.

Figmac Application Window

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Figmac is only 1.5MB, making it x88 times smaller than the official Figma desktop app

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Touch Bar

Figmac supports your Macs Touch Bar delivering a more productive workflow.

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Native Tabs

Figmac supports native MacOS window tabs for a more natural Mac experience.

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Figma Files

Figmac recognizes .fig files and automatically imports them when they are clicked in Finder.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Figmac supports all of your favourite Figma keyboard shortcuts.

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Figmac is sandboxed and notarized by Apple for added security and piece of mind.

Start Using Figmac Today

Figmac is free forever, so why not take it for a spin.

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Hello, I’m Norm.

I made Figmac for fun, in my spare time. If you’d like to know more about the process, I wrote a little blog post about it.