How To Choose Fonts That Reflect Your Brand Style

It is certainly undeniable that fonts have always been an integral part of a company’s brand style

This is why so many business owners are considered with the kinds of fonts they need to use to make their brand known. Here is how to choose fonts that reflect your brand style.

1 – Understanding Fonts

Best Font Types For Logo Design

Understanding fonts is the first step that you must never overlook when choosing fonts. 

It is crucial that you know the difference between the various types of fonts because this will help you select the ones that are most suitable for your business and the most appropriate for your brand style and image. 

There are four main types that you could divide the fonts into:

  • Serif: The more “traditional” fonts that usually have “feet” which give the fonts a grounded look. These include Times New Roman, Cambria, Rockwell, Baskerville, and others.
  • Sans Serif: The more “modern” fonts that usually don’t have “feet” which makes them look cleaner. These include Helvetica, Arial, Century Gothic, Corbel, Montserrat, and others.
  • Script: The handwritten or cursive fonts that could be divided into readable and unreadable ones (unreadable are mostly used as a first letter only). These include Yellowtail, Lavanderia, Freestyle Script, and others. 
  • Display: The decorative fonts that have the so-called “Display curls”. Such fonts need to be used sparingly because they are not so unique. These include Pinewood, Betty Noir, Curlz, and others.

2 – Identifying Goals

Psychology Of Fonts

Now that you know about the types of fonts, it is time to identify the goals you will be pursuing when choosing the fonts. 

After all, it’s not just about selecting the fonts but also about understanding how to choose fonts that fit. Here are some questions you could ask yourself to identify your goals:

  • What is my company’s image? Have I already developed a vision for my company? Am I happy with this image, or do I want to change it?
  • Does my company have a brand logo? If not, how am I going to develop my brand’s logo and am I choosing a font for my brand logo too?
  • What is my audience like? What does my audience value? Where does my audience come from? Am I happy with my audience, or do I want to change it?
  • What are the qualities that I want my fonts to emphasise? Is it reliability? Is it stability? Is it creativity? Or maybe it is something else?
  • How would I describe my brand? How would my employees represent my brand? How would my customers describe my brand?
  • What are my priorities, values, beliefs, interests, etc.? How are they connected to my brand and do I want to connect them to my brand?

3 – Font Type

Fontforge Software

After identifying the goals, you will be able to start the process of choosing your font. 

First of all, you will need to choose your font type. 

This will be your starting point from which you will move onto choose other aspects of your font, such as your font style, colour, and so on.

The font type you choose will depend on the qualities you want your brand style to have (or the qualities it already has). 

If you’re going to seem traditional or serious, Serif is the one for you. If you want to appear modern or “clean”, Sans Serif is your primary choice.

If you want to seem friendly and inviting, Script might be the one.

You could always create a new font (this would often be the direction to go if you are looking for an original Display font), but choosing from the available fonts is still the most common path business owners take because it is fairly easy and much cheaper.

4 – Font Style

Revista Cool Font

Once you have decided which of the four font types you will use, you can now decide on the font style. 

This is the “type” of font you will be using but calling it “type” right now might be confusing, so it’s just what it is – font style.

Many new companies try to choose from the fonts that are rarer, but you could still use the good old Times New Roman if you chose Serif, Arial if you want Sans Serif, or Lavanderia if you chose Script.

In addition to that, consider whether or not you will be choosing several fonts. 

Perhaps you might want to stick only to one of them and use it consistently in your content

On the other hand, you might realise that using two or three fonts can bring variety while still maintaining consistency.

5 – Brand Voice

Arcido Branding Voice

Brand voice is somewhat similar to your brand style, but while the first one is mostly textual, the second one is more visual. 

And fonts are closely connected to your brand voice because they are what makes your text stand out.

However, this does not mean that you need to disregard the process of creating content. 

Choose a writer from the review service Online Writers Rating to write content for you. This will ensure that you are working with a professional who knows their job and will be able to keep the quality high.

Explain to the writer what kind of brand voice you want your business to have. 

This will need to correspond to the font you chose and the brand style you currently have (or want to have if you are planning to change it).

6 – Font Colour

Baro Font Download

With the font (or fonts) ready, you will now need to decide on the colour (or colours) you will be using. 

Once again, these depend on such things as your brand style and your goals as well as your priorities, target audience, etc.

The colours you use in your fonts will determine what kind of emotions your audience gets when looking at your brand logo, content, and so on, wherever you use these fonts. 

Consequently, it is imperative that you take into account that dark blue, for example, inspires professionalism while yellow makes people happy.

Charity Branding Logo Design Mind

If one of the reasons why you were choosing fonts were that you needed one for your brand logo, your next step would have to be… working on your logo design

While this is an extensive topic and deserves a separate article, it is still worth mentioning this step because it is inevitable that you will need to work on the logo at some point.

More often than not, businesses with brand logos that have Serif or Sans Serif fonts also have content written with these same fonts. 

This simply means that you will have even more consistency, and your brand style and image will be easily recognisable

However, it is also typical for companies to have separate fonts for the logo and the content.

8 – Additional Imagery

Bubbly Font Design

Additional imagery concerns both your brand logo any other visual content you are planning to use that will also have fonts and will be related to your brand style. 

This means that it is essential that you think through the difficulties and challenges you might encounter when trying to use imagery along with the fonts you chose.

Consequently, think of how your chosen fonts might affect your visuals and whether or not they might be in conflict with each other. 

After all, it’s always great to look into the future and think ahead. 

Try not to focus on the downsides, but don’t overlook the issues that could potentially be problematic. Find that balance, and you will be all good.

9 – Creating Versions

New Microsoft Logo Brand Evolution

It’s always good to have an alternative even if you are positive about a particular font. 

This is precisely why creating other versions of your brand logo, brand visuals, and the fonts you use in them is practically essential for you.

Keep in mind that you will need at least one or two other options besides your initial one. 

This means that you will be able to make a more objective choice in the end after getting feedback from your team and weighing all the cons and pros of every font.

10 – Final Choice

Neue Helvetica Font

Last but not least, you will need to make your final choice. This is probably the most crucial step of all because this is when you will actually choose a font for your brand style, so take it as seriously as possible.

Remember that, as mentioned earlier, getting feedback from your team is crucial. 

You can also talk to experts in the field to get some professional advice, but don’t forget to follow your heart too even after considering all the advantages and disadvantages – if you are not happy with the font, it won’t help you much.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, every font is different, just like every company is different. 

Try using different fonts until you find the right one and don’t forget to use the tips in this article for the process to be faster and more efficient.

Author Bio: Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves travelling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.


Amongst the many different aspects of typography, there is one of them that is quite popular yet has nothing to do with words or letters. 

That’s right; we are talking about numbers. But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one of those boring math classes you had in 5th grade. Sometimes numbers could be a bit boring but fortunately for you after reading through this article you’ll be able to bring the artsy side of numbers and inspire people with them.

Today in this article, we are going to approach the fun side of numbers shifting your perspective and thoughts about them from associating them with boring math equations to beautiful and full with life and fun characters.

Numbers can be as beautiful as letters in typography, but finding fonts for them can be a bit challenging, especially if you are looking for a free one.

Displaying numbers on the screen is actually among the most important aspects of typography. 

In data visualization, creating infographics, pricing tables, or special offers on landing pages, how your numbers look is at first importance.

That is why we listed the 20 Best Number Fonts for Displaying Stylish Numbers that you can start using in your design right now!

  1. Number 514
  2. Superstar M54
  3. Crash Numbering
  4. Bullet Numbers
  5. 001 Interstellar Log
  6. KR I’m This Many! Font
  7. Old Standard TT 
  8. Crossword Font
  9. Ewert
  10. Sancreek
  11. KR First Years Dings
  12. Bungee Shade
  13. Handwritingg Font
  14. Kumar One
  15. Press Start 2P
  16. Clement Numbers
  17. Mrs. Sheppards
  18. Digital-7 Font Family
  19. Pompadour Numerals
  20. Special Elite

1. Number 514

Best Number Font - Number 514 Font
Best Number Font – Number 514 Font

Number 514 is an early serif font, that brings that early 90s Halloween atmosphere with its triangular Latin serifs styles, with surprising brightening components. 

For some of you, this particular font may comes as a bit overpriced as its cost for getting the full license is $20. 

For those of you who are ok with investing into Number 514 will certainly see a benefit, making their whole design look stunning, especially if you are designing a party poster and were looking for something that stands out and has unique decorative elements. Still, it’s up to you to decide if you justify investing into it.

Download Number 514

2. Superstar M54

Best Number Font - Superstar M54 Font
Best Number Font – Superstar M54 Font

Superstar M54 is a really cool font which can be downloaded for free. This font is perfect if you want to give your designs and sports jerseys that superstar style.

This a pretty fun and cool-looking font that deserves to get more attention. Its uses are only bound to what you can create with it.

Download Superstar M54

3. Crash Numbering

Best Number Font - Crash Numberings Font
Best Number Font – Crash Numberings Font

Crash Numbering is a free number font, available for both personal and commercial use. It includes over 40 glyphs: numbers and basic math symbols.

However, it doesn’t have any alphabetical characters. Crash Numbering Font comes in two versions: Gothic and Serif styles. That way, you can pick the type of numbers that best matches your design.

Crash Numbering would be a great option if you were struggling to find an awesome and free to use decorative numeral font. You won’t regret choosing it because its uses are unlimited and perfect for almost every occasion.

Download Crash Numbering

4. Bullet Numbers

Best Number Font - Bullet Numbers Font
Best Number Font – Bullet Numbers Font

Bullet Numbers comes in exceptionally convenient for a wide range of records that don’t surpass 100 classes. 

For a great number of people, this font has been found as the perfect choice when the time for a bullet point comes.

Unfortunately, it’s not free to use as the most ones on this list but if you are looking for a change and shake up your boring bullet points and giving them a bit of a style, this is the right font for your content.

Download Bullet Numbers

5. 001 Interstellar Log

Best Number Font - 001  Interstellar Log Font
Best Number Font – 001 Interstellar Log Font

001 Interstellar Log is yet another amazing number font, which is one of the prominent ones among the upscale numeral font styles. 

In a nutshell, this is a sci-fi enlivened number text style that has certain techno impacts on it.

Its design is quite interesting and alien-like, exactly the thing you’d expect from a font with interstellar in its name.

The font looks beautiful and certainly has a unique vibe to it that for sure will leave you speechless. 

Download 001 Interstellar Log

6. KR I’m This Many! Font

Best Number Font - KR I'm This Many! Font
Best Number Font – KR I’m This Many! Font

KR I’m This Many! Font is created by Kats Fun Fonts, which has fun figures with hands and faces on each number. 

This font is free to download for personal use. It’s great for a family and kids, friendly ads, posters, and sites.

Download KR I’m This Many! Font

7. Old Standard TT

Best Number fonts - Old Standard TT
Best Number fonts – Old Standard TT

If you are looking for a classic and elegant style that brings you that old school feeling… look no further Old Standard TT is the font for you. 

Old Standard TT is a specific type of modern style of serif typefaces, popular in the late 19th and early 20th century, but almost completely abandoned later. 

However, it has a couple of advantages like:

  • A good choice to use in something like scientific papers, especially on social and humanitarian sciences.
  • One of the most beautiful examples of Greek and Cyrillic letter type. 
  • It is a google font that you can download for free!

The name “Old Standard” was chosen to be the opposite of the “Obyknovennaya Novaya” (meaning “New Standard”). 

“Obyknovennaya Novaya” was widely used in Soviet typography, which represents another, slightly different type of the same Modern style.

Yes, this name doesn’t look very original, but it seems to be a good choice for a revival of the most common letter type of the early 20th century.

After all this time, the Old Standard still looks amazing to this date and worth mentioning in any list that focuses on the best fonts and styles for numbers.

Download Old Standard TT

8. Crossword Font

Best Number fonts - Crossword
Best Number Fonts – Crossword

Crossword’s intended main purpose is creating crossword baffles and puzzles for free without the need to buy any special software programs.

Thanks to fonts like this nowadays, you don’t have to purchase any extraordinary programming projects to make a crossword baffle. 

All you really need to make a professionally looking crossword baffle is a font like this and any standard word processing or publishing program. 

If you have a project that includes a crossword baffle, this is one of the timesaving options for you.

Download Crossword’s

9. Ewert

Best Number Fonts - Ewert Font
Best Number Fonts – Ewert Font

Ewert has a completely unique style that’s solely its own thanks to the ornamental legs on each number resembling a classic furniture. 

The characters are big, bold, and decorative and would look great, specifically in tattoo prints, as well as carnival designs.

Ewert is also pretty nice looking at small and large font sizes on desktop and mobile platforms.

Download Evert

10. Sancreek

Best Number Fonts - Sancreek Font
Best Number Fonts – Sancreek Font

Sancreek similar to Ewert has a unique style of its own, presenting itself to has sort of a flower style with its curves and tails. The design makes the numbers pure art and a joy for the eye. 

Each number is completely filled in and you can best utilize it in all caps. The font is perfect for western designs, posters, parlor titles and other prints.

If you are going for a pure beauty in your numbers design, Sancreek is definitely one of the best looking fonts and perfect for that purpose.

Download Sancreek

11. KR First Years Dings

Best Number Fonts - KP First Years Dings
Best Number Fonts – KP First Years Dings

This is the second awesome KR number font created by Kat’s Fun Fonts, which has candle flames on top of each figure, bringing the child in you to life.

KR First Years Dings is licensed as Freeware, Non-Commercial, which means it is free for personal use only, and in order to use the font commercially, you will need to purchase a license or contact Kat’s Fun Fonts.

Download KR First Years Dings

12. Bungee Shade

Best Number Fonts - Bungee Shade
Best Number Fonts – Bungee Shade

Bungee Shade has that classic race countdown vibe in its numbers. If you are going for that adrenaline rushing style, this font will bring back that blood-pumping feel to you.

Bungee Shade is especially great for racing ads thanks to its track-style numerals. The shade gives the characters a boxy appearance and helps them pop in various media. 

Also, that lining inside the numbers gives it even more impressive and old school look, making it another contender for the title of the best-looking number font on this list. We definitely recommend you trying it out.

Download Bungee Shade

13. Handwritingg Font

Best Number Fonts - Handwritingg  Font
Best Number Fonts – Handwritingg Font

Handwritingg Font is a great numeric font that comes with a free download, but only for personal use if you want a commercial license, you’ll have to pay the symbolic price of 5$ which is more than worth for what it provides.

The font is eccentric, and it can breathe life into your outline extends altogether. You can utilize this font in fixing disconnected undertakings.

Overall, Handwritingg provides one of the best and cool-looking numbers if you are a fan of its style like us, that is, but if you are not, don’t worry because there are plenty of others to choose from as the next one on this list…

Download Handwritingg Font

14. Kumar One
Best Number Fonts – Kumar One

Designers call Kumar One a “one-of-a-kind” google font with exceptional styling for any racing site or numbers on the front of jerseys. 

Its numbers have slim horizontal lines and bold, wide vertical strokes with 45-degree angles at the corners, which bring for the awesome look.

But what makes Kumar so unique is a series of matching Open Source display fonts. They each support the Gujarati and Latin scripts. The two Kumar fonts may be used together, or entirely on their own.

The Kumar design is made entirely out of straight lines; all elements that would usually be drawn with soft curves are faceted, built up out of several shorter straightened-out elements. 

Text in either Kumar font shimmers like a jewel making the effect of both fonts quite decorative and beautiful.

Download Kumar One

15. Press Start 2P

Best Number Fonts - Press Start 2P
Best Number Fonts – Press Start 2P

Press Start 2P is one of the coolest fonts in this entire list, especially if you’re a fan of the 80s pixel art games like Super Mario.

Each number has that signature pixel style, making this font the perfect choice for gaming sites or creating a unique design for blogs and brands that are going for that old school nostalgic feel.

Of course, this font won’t appeal to every audience, unfortunately, but to the ones who enjoy that particular style, this is going to be a big plus in their book.

Download Press Start 2P

16. Clement Numbers

Best Number Fonts - Clement Numbers
Best Number Fonts – Clement Numbers

Clement Numbers is a beautiful number font coming with numeral characters and basic punctuation marks, and although this specific typeface isn’t free, it is quite the cool-looking one and actually worth the exclusive price. 

Clement Numbers has a really unique set of numbers that originate from a forgotten 1838 Type Specimen Book issued by the Fonderie Clement, Bruxelles, and now has become one of the coolest and classy number-specific typefaces out there. 

Unlike other cookie-cutters fonts out there, this one is worthed the $10 price tag, at least in our humble opinion.

One is sure though your design will be better with having some unique font like this, and it could actually impress a lot of people.

Download Clement Numbers

17. Mrs. Sheppards 

Best Number Fonts - Mrs. Sheppards
Best Number Fonts – Mrs. Sheppards

Mrs. Sheppards is an incredible numeric font with quite the slick style for anybody that has a fixation for numeric textual designs. 

Fun fact is that this particular font is actually a part of the Charles Bluemlein Script Collection, mimicking the lettering from the 1930s with bold and strong numbers.

Sometimes with thinner lines, in the beginning, middle or end strokes to kind of mimic real handwriting.

Mrs. Sheppards will appeal greatly to you if you are the kind of artsy person.

Download Mrs. Sheppards

18. Digital-7 Font Family

Best Number Fonts - Digital 7 Font
Best Number Fonts – Digital 7 Font

This is yet another free number font that has that iconic digital look to it like the tv show 24. If you were to make a website dedicated to it, this would be the perfect option. 

This font is free to download for personal use, but you might have to ask for permission to use commercially.

Nonetheless, Digital-7 Font Family is a great number font that looks cool, especially when used for a countdown! 

Download Digital-7 Font Family

19. Pompadour Numerals

Best Number Fonts – Pompadour Numerals

Named after the extravagant hairstyle of the 50s with the same name Pompadour Numerals is a set of extra ordinary display of numbers.

The font gives the numbers extravagant style of their own, almost like having a hairstyle in a metaphorical sense. 

If you were looking for an effective way to draw the attention towards your numbers, this font certainly would help you achieve that goal. For even better results, make your numbers large in size after all this font was created specifically for display. 

Each number fits perfectly inside a square with this font; that is the reason they look great next to each other both horizontally and vertically.

This font is specifically made for number characters as it contains only number glyphs, without any alphabetic characters or punctuation marks. 

Important to note here is that you can use this font only for personal projects, as commercial licensing is not available yet. You can get a personal license in exchange for a small donation of your choice.

Download Pompadour Numerals

20. Special Elite

Best Number Fonts - Special Elite
Best Number Fonts – Special Elite

Special Elite is a handwritten-style font that believe it or not actually comes with tabular numbers, something that is rather odd to be a part of such font.

It’s perfect to use for nostalgic designs or even listing out something more cryptic, like a date of some past event.

It mimics the Smith-Corona Special Elite Type Number NR6 and Remington Noiseless typewriter models.

It’s a unique font that can be utilized in a number of ways like:

  • Give a specific and unique aesthetic to your design.
  • Draw the attention of the reader by making your numbers stand out(use your imagination). 

What is truly special about the Special Elite font is the mix of a little bit inked up grunge and a little old school analog flavor that gives you a vintage font style for your website and blog designs. 

Download Special Elite

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this article useful and helpful to you because finding the best numeral fonts is essential when you are creating a design that heavily relies on numbers.

Some of the numbers-only fonts in this article, such as Clement Numbers and Pompadour Numerals that can be a really good solution if you want to highlight your numbers with visibly different looks. 

Number fonts are just one of the many typographic solutions to add personality to your design. 

Let us know which font you are using the most and why share your opinion in the comment section and stay tuned for more.


If you want your design to immediately grab attention and stand out, consider using an outline font. You can use these fonts for headers in ads or on websites as well as logo or branding projects.

In some cases, you can even apply the neon text effect to them and create beautiful and attractive posters, business cards, signage, and more.

There is no shortage of outline fonts available online. What’s even better, you can find high-quality outline fonts for free and use them in both commercial and personal projects.

In this roundup we’ve gathered the best outline fonts that you can download for free. They can be used in a variety of professional, branding, and business graphic designs.

Browse through our selection and download as many of these fonts as you like. Don’t forget to check their license terms to make sure they can be used in your intended project.

You might also like our free collections of graffiti, Disney, hand-drawn or retro fonts.

Library 3am Font Family

The Library 3am has two styles and a total of 273 glyphs. It comes with multilingual support and contains uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

Library 3am - free outline font familyElephant Font

The Elephant font is a bold sans-serif typeface with uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It can be used for both personal and commercial projects without any restrictions.

Elephant - free outline font familyRobinson Outline Font on Envato Elements

The Robinson font was inspired by vintage newspaper titles. It’s an all-caps font made specifically with magazines and posters in mind. The font also includes the oblique variant.

Robinson - free outline font familyArgon Outline Font

The Argon font is a modern and creative font whose letters resemble a labyrinth. The font includes uppercase letters and numbers. The free version can be used for personal projects.

Argon - free outline font familyFakedes Outline Font

The Fakedes is a rounder serif font that’s perfect for logo or branding projects that require a bolder look. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and includes multilingual support.

Fakedes - free outline font familyGibsons Outline Font on Envato Elements

The Gibsons font family includes 20 fonts and three weights. It’s suitable for a range of projects and 4 different styles. This font comes as a part of your Envato Elements subscription.

Gibsons - free outline font familyFrontage Free Font

The Frontage is a layered typeface system with 5 different styles. The font can be used in a variety of projects and you can mix and match different styles to create a unique design.

Frontage - free outline font familyThe Champ Font Family

This outline font can be used freely in any personal project. The font features a heavy, blocky look and comes in 4 different styles.

The Champ - free outline font familyBrixton Sans (Fill and Outline) on Envato Elements

Brixton Sans comes in two versions fill and outline. The outline version is a great choice for any branding or design project that requires a unique and sophisticated look. The font is available as a part of your Envato Elements subscription.

Brixton Sans - free outline font familyParalines Font

The Paralines font is an all-caps font with a retro-futuristic vibe. It can be used in both commercial and personal projects.

Paralines - free outline font familyOstrich Sans Inline Font

The Ostrich Sans font can be used in personal and commercial projects. The font has uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

Ostrich Sans Inline - free outline font familyHikou Outline on Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a font that would look good with a neon effect, the Hikou font is the perfect choice. The font can be downloaded from Envato Elements and includes multilingual uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation.

Hikou - free outline font familyNeon Font

The Neon font is another font that works well with the neon effect applied to it. The font is free for personal and commercial use. It comes in two styles and includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Neon - free outline font familyЕasy Outline Font

The Easy Outline font can be used for personal and commercial projects. It has a thin and tall look so it’s perfect for fashion or beauty design projects.

Easy - free outline font familyPortico Outline on Envato Elements

This font is a great choice for neon signage. It can be downloaded for free as part of your Envato Elements subscription.

Portico - free outline font familyAnthology Font

The Anthology font comes in 5 different styles and has complete multilingual support. The font can be used freely in personal projects. You will also get bonus vector icons that work great with this font.

Anthology - free outline font familyHalfomania Font

This is a futuristic sans-serif font that can be used in personal and commercial projects. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols.

Halfomania - free outline font familyBurford Rustic Outline on Envato Elements

For any project that requires a rustic and weathered look, this font will be a perfect choice. You can download it as part of your Envato Elements subscription. The font includes 20 font files and 3 different font styles.

Burford Rustic - free outline font familyPotra Typeface

The Potra font has uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols. It can be used in personal and commercial projects and has a rounded look.

Potra - free outline font familyMontana Bold Outline Font

The Montana is a rounded typeface suitable for display purposes. It comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Montana Bold - free outline font familyDarling Bloom Font on Envato Elements

Try the Darling Bloom font if you’re looking for a hand-drawn outline font. It’s perfect for any elegant project or feminine branding. The font is a part of Envato Elements subscriptions.

Darling Bloom - free outline font familyBatter Up Outline Font

If you need a simple outline font, the Batter Up will do the trick. It has a unique look and contains only uppercase letters. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

Batter Up - free outline font familyNeoRetroDraw Font

This display font can be used in personal and commercial projects with no restrictions. The font has a retro look and comes in three different styles.

NeoRetroDraw - free outline font familyVISIA Duo (Natural & Outline) – Geometric Typeface on Envato Elements

This font duo contains a regular sans-serif font and an outline sans-serif font. The font can be downloaded once you sign up for Envato Elements. It comes in 4 weights.

VISIA Duo - free outline font familyGeometrica Hand Font

As the name suggests, this font has a geometric, hand-drawn look. It’s a great choice for any retro project. The font is free for personal use.

Geometrica Hand - free outline font familyAmorica Font Family

This font family contains 4 fonts and includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The font is free for personal use.

Amorica - free outline font familyNeoneon Font

This is another great choice whenever you need a neon look. The font is perfect for large headers, posters, and even signage. It’s free for personal and commercial use.

Neoneon - free outline font familyAltero Solid & Outline Font

The Altero is another font duo with a solid and an outline font. It’s free for personal and commercial use. It comes with uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols.

Altero Solid - free outline font family



Your favorite fonts tagged for you

We love Google Fonts…

And we are not alone.

The yearly usage of Google Fonts is counted in trillions.

There are over 950 Google typefaces available. Probably, you don’t know the majority of them. They vary in the number of variants and subsets.

The idea to tag Google Fonts born from our need to use less popular typefaces, with a strong identity.

We decided to tag each typeface and share the result with the world.


Whether you’re making a Christmas card for family and loved ones, or commissioned work, this collection should come in handy.

It includes completely free symbol fonts, safe to use in both personal and commercial projects, to help you be prepared for anything. Snowflakes, Santas, Christmas trees, ornaments, and lights plus many more are listed in this nifty collection. Enjoy!

All the icon fonts included in this article are 100% free for both personal and commercial use.

Please note that not all icons are shown in the previews.

Free Christmas trees and ornaments icon fonts

Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas free icon font

A delightful mix of vintage Christmas clipart, with everything from carolers, ornaments, gingerbread man, vintage gifts, Christmas tree, and many more. Created by Woodcutter.


Christmas Icons

Christmas Icons free font

This font has everything you need for Christmas, mittens, laughing Santas, snow globe, ornaments, trees, snowflakes, angel, snowman etc. Created by Woodcutter.


Xmas TFB Christmas

Xmas TFB Christmas free icon font

Includes plenty of Christmas trees ranging from classic to abstract, wreaths, snowmen, Santa sleighs, ornaments, and gifts. Created by kaiserzharkhan.


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments free icon font

An assorted collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations, plus gifts, socks, snowmen, and more. Created by Ding Bang.


Gift Icons

Gift Icons free font

A whole icon font dedicated to Christmas gifts. Small, big, open, with ribbon, and other types, you’ll find them all in this font created by Woodcutter.


Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes free icon font

Like the name says, it includes paper snowflakes in 2 styles: outline (on lowercase letters) and full (on uppercase/caps). Created by Shara Weber.



Christmas free icon font

Includes ornaments, snowmen, Santa heads, Feliz Navidad sign, bells, Winnie the Pooh, teddybear, candy, Christmas sock, nativity scene, and more. Created by Ding Bang.


Christmas People Ding

Christmas People Ding free icon font

A whimsical doodle-style Christmas themed font with almost childish style. Perfect for fun projects or wishing Merry Christmas to loved ones, it includes 2 different stroke widths (on uppercase and lowercase). Created by MeCreativa.


Faux Snow

Faux Snow free icon font

A very fit name for a font comprising of many different snowflakes. Created by Brian Kent [Ænigma Fonts].


Toy Train

Toy Train free icon font

A magic Christmas train that includes all letters in locomotive style (on caps/uppercase letters) and in wagon style (on lowercase letters). It also includes an engine without letter (on * asterisk character), a buffer (on space key), a plain track without buffer (on _ underscore character), and {, }, [, and ]. Created by West Wind Fonts.



Typographers Holidayfont

Typographer's Holiday free icon font

A 3-in-1 holiday font that includes Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter! Created by Dieter Steffmann.





Beautiful web fonts aren’t particularly difficult to find. A quick search
will undoubtedly turn up a number of attractive typefaces that
will complement your website’s look and messaging.

However, many of these fonts tend to have very specific use cases.
For instance, a wide font may be perfect for header text but would work
poorly in the body of your page. And certain decorative fonts are only appropriate for limited use–perhaps no more than a full-sized word or two within a design element.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of the best web fonts that offer a bit more versatility. They go beyond standard looks,
yet are still able to be read at small sizes. Each one is available
with your subscription to Envato Elements, home to an ever-growing library of 2,500 web fonts and a whole lot more.

Envato Elements ever-growing library of 2500 web fonts and a whole lot more
Envato Elements library of 2,500 web fonts and a whole lot more

First, let’s take a look at some areas where these fonts can
really shine. Then, we’ll cover the basics of how to implement them into your

Small Fonts, Big Possibilities

A well-designed website is all about the details. And while it’s
often the big, over-the-top design elements that grab our immediate
attention, the little things certainly shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s here where
users are compelled to stick around for a while.

The fonts in this showcase can help in both the big stuff
(headlines, hero areas) and the not-so-big (buttons, blockquotes,
sub-headings). This is good news for designers, as it offers the
potential for more consistency in our projects.

That means, for example, you can add more stylish accents that
reflect your brand across various areas of a website. A fancy font
becomes something you are just as likely to use in your site’s footer
as it is in the header.

Of course, legibility is still of utmost importance. So, be sure to test your designs and make adjustments as necessary.

How to Use a Custom Web Font

You can implement a custom web font into your site with just a few
easy steps. But you’ll want to note that it does require a little bit of
CSS to get going.

First, you’ll want to make sure that any fonts you download include a
version specifically created for the web. Envato Elements makes this
process easy with handy filtering options on the sidebar. For instance,
finding all of the fonts that are designed for use at smaller sizes
and include a web version only takes a couple of clicks.

Now, on to the steps:

1. Find a font you like and download it to your device.

2. Unzip the font package you’ve downloaded (remember to look for
any web-specific fonts) and place the files into a folder within the
root directory of your website. In our case, we’ll just call it “fonts”.

3. Upload the fonts to your web server, maintaining the directory structure you just created above.

4. Next, add each font using the CSS @font-face property, like so:

@font-face {
font-family: 'Fiona Regular'; /* Change to your font's name. */
src: url('fonts/Fiona-Regular.woff'); /* Change to match your font file's location. */

5. From there, you can call your font anywhere within your site’s
CSS file. For example, if you’d like to use it with your H1 tag, you
might add something like this:

h1 {
  font-family: 'Fiona Regular'; /* Change to your font's name. */

If you run into any problems, use your browser’s inspection tools to verify that the font is installed correctly.

Download These Versatile Web Fonts

We’ve covered the what, why and how. Now, it’s time to discover some
fonts! Here’s a unique selection you can use to enhance your web
projects. And since we’re focusing on smaller sizes, we’ll also sprinkle
in some ideas as to where each may work best.

Fiona – An Elegant Typeface

Fiona offers up a classic, elegant style that can be used just about
anywhere. It would be a perfect fit for sub-headlines within
content or even a sidebar.

Fiona - An Elegant Typeface
Fiona – An Elegant Typeface

Millefleur | Sans Serif Font Duo

This selection is actually a package of two separate-but-related
fonts: Mille and Fleur. Mille is a traditional, easy-to-read bold font
while Fleur brings some uniquely-styled letterforms. Put them together
and you have a great combination for headings and subheadings.

Millefleur  Sans Serif Font Duo
Millefleur | Sans Serif Font Duo

Numhead Typeface

Numhead offers a techno-industrial look in three weights (light,
regular and bold). Each one is crystal-clear, giving you the freedom to
use the font all over. You might even consider utilizing it in short
passages of body text that you want to emphasize.

Numhead Typeface
Numhead Typeface

Bw Modelica Condensed font family

Talk about versatile, Bw Modelica Condensed is built to be utilized
virtually everywhere. The font comes in four widths, each with eight
weight variants. It’s everything you need to mix and match with
headlines, logos and even body text.

Bw Modelica Condensed font family
Bw Modelica Condensed font family

Borderland Font

While handwritten fonts are very popular these days, they can also
be difficult to read. That’s not the case with Borderland, as each
letterform is clear and legible. This one has the potential to be used
for all manner of design accents.

Borderland Font
Borderland Font 

Riley – A Modern Typeface

With a detailed, vintage look, Riley will provide your project a
touch of class. And the unique style of its punctuation lends itself
to being used for quotes and other standout elements.

Riley - A Modern Typeface
Riley – A Modern Typeface

Little Hearts Font

Little Hearts is a fun, casual typeface that is perfect for sites
focused on crafts or kids. The included glyphs bring it to a whole new
level, with playful illustrations that can be used to decorate areas big
and small.

Little Hearts Font
Little Hearts Font


This art-deco slab font is reminiscent of those used in the early
20th century. The ligatures are incredibly detailed, and the package
also includes a set of alternates. Still, it might be most effective on
short bits of text like sub-headlines or call-to-action buttons.



An ultra-modern, square typeface, Manurewah offers both a
sophisticated and futuristic look. And, the use of capital and lowercase
letters also allows for some distinctive combinations. You might use
an all-caps look for large, single-word titles, with mixed-case text
used for better legibility on lengthier passages.


Rodian Serif

Featuring a sharp, clean look, Rodian Serif is a great choice for
attracting attention. You’ll find two styles and multiple font weights.
Of particular interest is the stencil variant. It stands out as very
unique, yet it also maintains legibility. Use it anywhere that you need
to add an extra bit of personality.

Rodian Serif
Rodian Serif

Small or Mighty

Unique fonts that can stand up to use at both larger and
smaller sizes are rare. Quite often, you’re limited to utilizing
a more decorative font on the former, while settling for something a
bit more ordinary on the latter.

However, our collection of the best web fonts for the job which we’ve shown here remove much of this compromise. While
each font may have its own specific limitations, each one also has a wider
range of potential uses. This opens up the door to a whole new world
of design possibilities.

Feel free to experiment with the fonts above and see how they can dress up your website!

More Web Font Inspiration on Tuts


While I was at ATypI Tokyo a couple weeks ago, Google had some big announcements (I covered those a bit last week). The new version of their API was particularly great to hear, as this marks the first support for using variable fonts on their platform. It’s a small set of typefaces, but there is some nice variety and what they have is really well done. There are 10 typefaces in all, with a selection of serifs, sans, rounded, slab, and monospace. Two of the serifs have italics as well, making them an interesting experiment for body copy usage. I created an example page that we played around with a bit in my workshop last week, and included it live in my talk, both at Web Unleashed in Toronto.

Sample page in CodePen
A sample page on CodePen loading Hepta Slab and Crimson Pro as variable fonts from Google Fonts’ new API

I’ve now created a demo on CodePen as well, and will walk through the setup here with a few examples. As the launch announcement page states, the syntax is pretty strict, but it didn’t take long to get up and running with it, and now it’s feeling pretty snappy.

Examples of available variable fonts
Here are all the different variable fonts you can play with for now

In going through the announcement it’s clear that this will eventually be how all the fonts are served, not just specifically variable fonts. You can still request a single weight of a font, like so:

You can see that the font-family attribute/value pair is the same, but the way you specify weight and italic is a little different. Here’s the current syntax:


You’ll note that whereas the original syntax just expected a weight value (in this case 700) after the family name, now you’re specifying ‘wght’ and supplying a value. This is so when requisition a variable font, it’s now possible to specify an axis (or more than one), and then supply a second set of values after the ‘@’ sign. Multiple weights can be requested too:


Note that the weight values are listed after the ‘@’ sign separated by semicolons. If you wanted to add italics, you have to specify each combination:


This will get you Italic and weight combinations of ‘upright 100’, ‘Italic 100’, and ‘Italic 700’.

Now for the variable fonts. To get Crimson Pro with a weight axis (with a range of 200 to 900), you would request it like this:

/css2?family=Crimson Pro:wght@200..900

Note that this time the values after the ‘@’ sign are separated by ‘..’ which indicates that this is a range, not two separate values. When requesting Italics as well as upright, you have to indicate the axes and ranges requested for each:

/css2?family=Crimson Pro:ital,wght@0,200..900;1,200..900

Or just Italics with weight range:

/css2?family=Crimson Pro:ital,wght@1,200..900

You can either link to the request from the ‘head’ of your HTML page, or ‘@import’ from within your CSS.

The whole thing looks like this:


@import url(' Pro:ital,wght@ 0,200..900;1,200..900&display=swap');

You can then work with the fonts just as you would if you were self-hosting, and be confident that the family grouping will be working properly as well.

p {
  font-family: ‘Crimson Pro’, Georgia, serif;
  font-weight: 350;

Thus, with the code above any text in a paragraph would be set in Crimson Pro, and bold would be properly bold, and Italic actual Italics.

Sample page using variable fonts from Google Fonts
The sample page shows a nice range of weights in the Hepta Slab-set headings, and regular and a slightly bolded italic in Crimson Pro

Have a play around with the demo, and try swapping in some of the other fonts they have available. Don’t forget to send a tweet to the @GoogleFonts team and let them know you’re interested. Public support goes a long way. And if you spot any issues, you can log them over on GitHub.

Until next time, happy varying 🙂



There’s been a ton of great stuff flying around about variable fonts lately (our tag has loads of stuff as well). I thought I’d round up all the new stuff I hadn’t seen before.

  • Google fonts has a beta of hosted variable fonts and the announcement demo is on CodePen.
  • Speaking of Google Fonts, Recursive is pretty lovely and will be coming to Google Fonts. It even has a little playground for its variable possibilities.
  • The annual release of the new default WordPress theme (“TwentyTwenty”) will be done by Anders Norén. It’ll be a rejigger of Chaplin and be all ready to have cool Gutenberg blocks. The font will be Inter, which is lovely and, of course, a variable font. The screenshots look great.
  • Here’ a nice demo of a slider UI where the active slide has beefy thick font that animates to a thin variant on non-active slides. I still love the look of animating font weight, like this Marvin Visions site and Michelle Barker’s Breathing.
  • There is something about variable fonts that gets people in a weird mood (just look at Mandy Michael’s demos). But usually, the experiments are still typographic in nature. Not so with Typearture, where the demos are planes and cars and trucks and pigs and all sorts of weird stuff that is blowing minds. Like this galloping horse!
  • Remember that Wakamai Fondue (the best name ever for a site) is great at unearthing the technical possibilities of a variable font.
  • Visual demo of variable fonts interpolated in WebGL.
  • Grammato has a pretty bold proclamation of being a next-generation of typography. Not handwritten or a handwriting-font, but a handwriting-esque font that leverages variables fonts to somehow do its thing. Not sure I totally get it, but the site is nice.
  • Saved the most fun font for last: This Man This Monster from COMICRAFT is super cool looking and has unusual variable font variables: Bite, Chew, and Wonk (as opposed to the normal stuff you see, like weight and slant).

Minimal design can be more attractive with simple minimalist fonts. In this post we are gathered smooth, rounded corner, hand-drawn free fonts for minimalist designs. These fonts are perfect for magazine layouts, invitations, headers, web background or even large-scale artwork.

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Slab serif fonts are quite attractive and versatile that can be used in an array of contexts. This typeface is characterized by thick, block-like serifs and was most popular during the nineteenth century. Traditionally, slab serifs are considered one of the best fonts for titles and headlines. However, some of these typefaces can work well for setting body text.

Here is a list of my favorite 20 free slab serif fonts which can go perfectly with logos and headlines. Remember to check fonts licence on their primary sites to see whether they can be applied for personal use and commercial projects.

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#1 Nexa Slab
#2 Chelsea
#3 Choplin Free Font
#4 Napo
#5 Farsan
#6 Superlative
#7 Locke
#8 Lev Black Distressed
#9 Ikaros
#10 Euphorigenic
#11 Newslab Regular
#12 Bonie
#13 Bitter ht
#14 Dissimo Medium
#15 Klinic
#16 Silver Fake
#17 London
#18 Highlands
#19 Geared
#20 Bree
#21 Patua
#22 Copse
#23 Glegoo
#24 Belgrano
#25 Ansley Display
#26 Monique
#27 Podkova

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