how-to-inspire people


A lot of people need to be inspired to take that great step they have always wanted to take, and when it comes to inspiration, it can come from anywhere — I mean anywhere. However, how will you feel if you are able to inspire someone to take a step? At Plant, we know how important inspiration is, and we’re always looking out for ways to inspire each and every member of our team.

If you had always wanted to inspire someone or become a source of inspiration to a good number of people, follow the tips below and before you know it, people around you would start taking action — and you’ll take credit for that.

We live in a world where people believe in faking it until you make it and you might be tempted to portray an image that’s not truly yours and yours. But let me tell you something when you are faking it, you’re an empty barrel — and people will know from the noise you make (usually louder). However, stick to that person you are. The real you and I tell you what; there are many people interested in being you, and you can have those people to inspire.

During my days at the university, I have had many students call me a mentor and all that. And I asked myself, why would they call me a mentor when I am not the best student in the department (I was in my level though), and I later discovered that it’s my readiness to explain things even though I am not the best put me ahead of the rest. What am I saying here? Be you; the world will adjust.

There are no two ways about it; if you are not passionate about what you do, you cannot inspire people to do what you do. If you are a product designer and have had the opportunity to work with a professional designer by accident who doesn’t love his work, it will show, and you’ll see lack of contentment and sometimes frustration in their actions. Let me ask you when last have you seen a frustrated individual motivate and inspire people?

But with passion for what you do, when you speak, people can see the fire in your eyes, they can tell you are happy doing what you’re doing, and they can see fulfillment in your life — that’s enough to get someone inspired.

I have come to realize something in life; people do not take you seriously until you’re an embodiment of success. Forget about what they say what you’re around. If you’re still struggling to succeed, worry less about how to inspire people and more about how to succeed in what you do. Only when you become successful you would be able to inspire someone and as such, that should be your focus. Else, you risk being part of the “fake it til you make it” crew.

Because you’re successful, you can speak with enthusiasm and people can sense that. Mind you, just being successful doesn’t work if you are not good with words. And when you use words, people have to see the enthusiasm in your words.

You have to care about people and show them you really do to inspire them. I am sure there are very successful people around you that love their jobs and speak with enthusiasm in their words, but you still dislike them because they do not care about others, not in their class. You have to be down to earth and show them you really care about them. By doing that, they would naturally want to come closer, ask questions, and want to be like you.

If you ask me, I will tell you this is one of the most important steps of inspiring people. Usually, many people have the potentials to be who they want to be and do what they want to do. However, they lack the push factor — be that push factor and see how you’ll be propelling someone for greatness. You have to encourage people to move out of their comfort zone.

Moving out of the comfort zone is something difficult for most people. Ironically, they have to do that for them to be great. Let them know that.

Life is a two-sided coin with one side being success and the other being failure. Usually, people see successful individuals as people that have not experienced failures and downtimes. Contrary to this misconception, every successful individual has had their own share of failure. Yet, only a few share it as some see it as an act of weakness and want to be seen as a genius who does not make mistakes.

Stand out from these sets of people and let them know that you were ones like them and that their condition is perfectly normal. However, make sure to do this in moderation else, some of them will remain in their comfort zone and think their condition is normal, not knowing that their own case is different.

Unless you’re a Judge in the court, avoid judging people under you. Be an umbrella for them, and instead of complicating issues for them by judging them, provide an avenue for them to heal faster. Make them feel good about themselves even though you feel their situation is critical. This is because if they are not happy with themselves, you cannot inspire them. However, I am not asking you to lie to them — no, that’s not what I am saying. What I am saying is that don’t make their condition worse.

No doubt, there’s joy in giving people the hope that they too can become someone like you. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Here at Plant, we have tried and have seen that inspiring people takes more than just talks — it encompasses a lot of things, and these are discussed above.