Adobe Asset Link, the extension that connects Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) assets to the Adobe Creative Cloud, has added a new integration designed to streamline creative production. With the new update, users can use Asset Link to directly link their AEM assets to InDesign, creating more efficient collaboration between marketers and creatives on digital and print projects.

Why we should care

The feature is beneficial for marketers and creatives who use the Adobe Experience Manager as both a DAM and content management system (CMS). For cross-functional teams that share access to the Experience Manager, the integration with InDesign can help support more efficient branding efforts between marketers and designers.

By having a clean integration between the two platforms, it eliminates some of the back-and-forth headaches that both sides face when dealing with high-volume creative output. Over time, the direct linking capability can help speed up the process of delivering relevant content to market, which means marketers can focus more time on building high-quality customer experiences at a faster rate.

More on the news. Designers can take advantage of the integration through the “Asset Link” panel in InDesign. From there, you can search the Adobe Experience Manager library to find assets by keywords or version history shared with the team.

Likewise, marketers who are on the Experience Manager side will be able to access, comment on, and share up-to-date assets with designers as they are updated and saved in InDesign.

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