jingle bells:-21-packs-of-christmas-clipart-and icons

Holidays are coming: time for Christmas magic and New Year resolutions. To support the mood and atmosphere of Christmas trees, decorations, gifts, flashlights, and jingle bells, creators from various spheres need Christmas pictures for their creative projects, preferably affordable and high-quality. So, designers, content makers, marketing specialists, SMM-managers, educators, and even parents here and there are often found browsing the Web in search of the nice Christmas clipart to use in banners, social media, infographicspresentationseducational projects, theme pop-ups and notifications, and so on, and so forth. Meanwhile, user experience designers and graphic designers may be in search of Christmas icons for apps, websites, and landing pages.

To save your time and effort, we continue sharing theme packs of free graphics from the diverse Icons8 library. This time we’ve collected the variety of Christmas clipart and icons in 21 design styles, from detailed colorful illustrations to super minimalist icons. Here you’ll find Sants and reindeer, Christmas trees and decor, lights and stockings, stars and wreaths, gingerbread and mistletoe, and many more attributes of bright Christmas.

If you want to check a full pack of pictures in a particular style, just click the link below the picture. Get all the graphics free for a link and use them for your needs with no limits.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

christmas clipart iconsBright Christmas clipart in Color style

christmas clipart iconsSophisticated and decorative Christmas illustrations in Color Hand Drawn style

christmas clipart iconsSanta and elf, deer, snowball, Christmas tree, candles, and other Christmas clipart in Infographic style

christmas clipart iconsNeat and elegant Christmas graphics in Pastel style

christmas clipart iconsCute decorative Christmas and New Year clipart in Cloud style

christmas clipart iconsTender Christmas clipart in Cute Color style

christmas clipart iconsFunny decorative Christmas graphics in Doodle style

christmas clipart iconsNeat color icons of Christmas in Office style

christmas clipart iconsOriginal outline Christmas graphics in Gradient Line style

christmas clipart iconsLovely black-and-white Christmas clipart in Pastel Glyph style

christmas clipart iconsDecorative characters, fireplace, stocking, bell and other Christmas graphics in Cute Outline style

christmas clipart iconsArtistic outline Christmas graphics in Hand Drawn style

christmas clipart iconsLovely dots in decorative and festive Christmas icons in Dotted style

christmas clipart iconsContrast Christmas icons in Android Ice Cream style

christmas clipart iconsChristmas icons in Material Filled style

christmas clipart iconsLovely outline Christmas icons in iOS style

christmas clipart iconsPixel-perfect Christmas icons for user interfaces in iOS Filled style

christmas clipart iconsChristmas and New Year icons in iOS Glyph style

christmas clipart iconsContrast Christmas icons in Windows Metro style

christmas clipart iconsOutline Christmas icons in Windows 10 style

christmas clipart iconsMinimalistic Christmas icons in Simple Small style

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