If you’re dealing with Content like us, this probably sounds familiar:

Conflicting copies everywhere

Assets all over the place, chaos time baby!

Who wrote this copy, why is the tone different here and for what reason?

Not knowing who made the edits, the designer or the developer!

Feedback slipping through the cracks

Treating content like the icing on a cake

You’re not alone – we’ve been in the same boat for years!

No collaboration between the teams. Adopting an old waterfall process where the projects go from one team to another with little to no communication between them. That always created a lot of confusion, chaos, and miss-alignments.

Too many places to look at with so little context, we felt disconnected, disorganized and completely lost. The tools that are supposed to help us are actually making things worse.

Let’s look at a typical Product Design Team:

The UX do the wireframes/ prototypes

The Content Team writes the copy

The Devs do the production

Mash it all together, hoping for the best! ??

Designers copying content from Google Docs and dropping it in the design and hoping they end up unified and fitting the appropriate spaces provided by the UX team beforehand. Well, good luck with that!

99% of the time, you’ll find a bunch of inconsistencies. Thus, it will require a lot of re-writes to match the layout and the intended message. This process is repeatedly happening for every type of project, no matter the team size, nor the design system used. Let’s all say it out loud! Our process is completely fucked up!

Jeffrey Zeldman

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

–– Jeffrey Zeldman

We’re not that different; we’re all designers!

No one wants to work in silos anymore! It’s inefficient and doesn’t produce the best results!

All team members can bring their skills to the table from the beginning, UX with the experience, the feeling, Content team with the voice, Designers with the image and Devs with the functionality.

UX Writers/ Content Designers nowadays should be a combination of a copywriter, a content strategist, and a have the basic minimum knowledge of UX design.


Kontent, Your All-In-One Content Design Tool

Your All-In-One Content Design Tool

Put content at the heart of your entire design process. We’re so late!


Just put the right UX tools to action

Kontent provides you with the right suite of UX tools that will help improve your project structure, define and bring personas to life, build information architecture, site-maps and flowcharts. Keep track of your workflow progress, assign tasks and collaborate in real-time with your team and stakeholders.


Bring your idea to life in just a few clicks

Talking about your solutions and ideas is good, showing them is better. Kontent helps you build interactive, editable, high-fidelity prototypes for any type of product: websites, software products, mobile apps, touch screens and more. Go from idea to prototype in minutes.


One hub to store, edit and publish content

UX Writers/ Editors have full control of the content. Publish your project and get real-time, annotated feedback and in-place content editing for seamless live collaboration. Test, refine and publish changes to your platform on one interface.

Content before platform

It’s time to break the mold and design with content from day one!

Stop worrying about different screen sizes, or platforms and focus on what matters most to your users.

Bridging the gap between

Content Strategy and UX Design

Plays well with your stack

We don’t want to change the way you work – we just want to improve it with better content. Our integrations work natively within your favorite tools our API lets you tailor your workflow to your specific needs.

Kontent Key Visual

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Made with love in Canada

Made with love in Canada