Influencer marketing platform Mavrck announced Tuesday it was acquiring the blog and social search SaaS solution GroupHigh for an undisclosed amount. GroupHigh will operate as a separate product post acquisition, with the company’s founder Bill Brennan and its CTO David Pinto continuing to lead operations.

“GroupHigh has built relationships with an impressive cohort of 9M bloggers, which is differentiated and complementary to our influencer index of social creators and micro-influencers,” said Mavrck co-founder Sean Naegeli.

Why we should care

Marketers already using Mavrck’s platform to identify and build relationships with influencers will now have access to ten times the number of influencer profiles with the acquisition, the company said. GroupHigh’s blog and social search tool, which helps marketers find influencers that align with their brands, will also broaden Mavrck’s offerings, opening up new custom search and segmentation capabilities for brands.

“The expansion complements Mavrck’s recent platform updates supporting influencer personalization, which enables marketers to customize their own influencer networks and search based on the influencer data and attributes that matter most to the brand,” said Mavrck in its announcement on the acquisition.

And while Mavrck has long been a resource for large enterprise brands, serving companies like P&G and PepsiCo, the company said it plans to use GroupHigh’s technology to create an influencer solution designed specifically for SMBs.

More on the news

  • GroupHigh will keep its branding, now called “GroupHigh, A Mavrck Company.”
  • Brennan will serve as COO of GroupHigh and Pinto will remain CTO, both reporting to Mavrck CEO Lyle Stevens.
  • Mavrck, which was founded in 2014, is headquartered in Boston and has raised $13.8 million in venture funding.

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