Independent adtech company MediaMath announced on Wednesday the launch of SOURCE, a media supply chain framework that aims to deliver full transparency, modernize commercial terms, and improve tech standards across the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

Through this initiative, MediaMath said it is committed to delivering a 100% accountable and addressable supply chain by the end of 2020.

“Unfortunately, the purity of our industry’s intentions when we built the digital infrastructure has gotten lost in fraud, waste, and irrelevance,” said CEO of MediaMath, Joe Zawadzki. “As some of the earliest pioneers of programmatic, we feel called to help fix what’s broken.”

How the SOURCE framework works

According to MediaMath, key assurances of the SOURCE initiative include:

Accountability. MediaMath aims to deliver real impressions on media properties by building on a transparent and fraud-free supply chain from verified publishers. The initiative is designed to increase visibility into supply path mechanics and costs, modernize the terms of trade, and improve the technical functions of the marketplace for advertisers.

Addressability. MediaMath said it will implement a persistent, portable user-level ID to provide a single view of a brand’s customers and prospects, along with the ability to access these audiences across desktop, mobile, and TV.

AI-Powered. Bolstered by cleaner, more standardize data sets, MediaMath said it will integrate AI technology to deliver more meaningful insights with improved accuracy in detecting trends.

Why we should care

In an industry teeming with advertising fraud and malicious ad content, MediaMath is making efforts to help restore the programmatic ecosystem so that advertisers can operate more effectively and with an added layer of brand security.

By integrating cleaner data through multiple channels in the supply chain, the SOURCE framework could enable publishers and advertisers to more effectively communicate with one another, and transparently agree on costs. Since the system’s use of machine learning and AI technology relies on clean and authorized data, advertisers and publishers should be able to access more trusted, real-time insights to inform media decisions.

More on the news

  • In June, MediaMath announced a partnership with Rubicon Project to architect a direct and transparent digital supply infrastructure – now known as SOURCE.
  • MediaMath said it will continue to build out the SOURCE ecosystem with the help of publishers and technology companies, with the aim of facilitating increased transparency in the supply path.
  • According to the company, more than 9,500 global marketers currently use MediaMath’s software to deliver, analyze, and optimize digital campaigns across display, native, mobile, video, audio, social, digital out of home, and advanced TV formats.

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