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      I just need the “Solved a bug by taking a nap” badge and I’m done.

      Can we get these as stickers?

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    I think I have earned a few of those badges!

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    This is terrific. Probably the most painful been there/done that one for me is: “Debugged something for over one hour where the fix was literally one character”. I’ve earned that several times.

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    Wow I would like to share my favorite badge on LinkedIn… new job, here I go!

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    Many of us deserves some of these badges!

    Well done!

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    Dude, you need to sell these as sticker sheets 🙂

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    Real talk, can you guys make these? This would be hilarious.

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    When this hit my RSS reader, I was dearly hoping these were actual sew/iron-on patches.

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    I’ve done all of these except the last one… I redesign my site frequently to learn new frontend stuff so I haven’t let it go without an update for more than a year or so.

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