Cut through the noise

By allowing members to post only one link per day, we force people to think about what they share. Curation through constraints, instead of algorithms.

Discover content you like

Following topics allows you to break out of your circle and discover more interesting links and people. You control how much topical content your feed contains.

Feel at home using your feed

Narrowr is built around our members and the content they share. We promise to keep Narrowr free from ads, third-party tracking, pop-ups, selling data and any other bad practices.

Make your interests the center of your media consumption

We know what it’s like to scroll through a feed of content from 400 people you follow. It’s hard spotting the gems in all the things
that make up your feed, let alone reading all of them. Prioritize the things you care about and deliberately reduce your feed.

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More about Narrowr

Narrowr is a social link-sharing platform that puts users first. We want people
to think about what they share opposed to mindlessly posting and consuming everything out there.

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We all have those people in our circles, whose content we love. Invite them, get content you like and profit. For every friend of yours who joins, we gift you a month for free.

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