A step-by-step walkthrough of the Disney onboarding experience of new users on mobile

Sander Smeekes

In August 2019 Walt Disney announced that they are starting their own streaming service called Disney .

A free pilot has launched exclusively in The Netherlands and I thought it would be interesting to dive into their onboarding flow for new customers. The streaming service currently offers a small amount of content their studios (Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Walt Disney Pictures) and is ready to enter the streaming service market.

I’m not necessarily interested in the available content they have to offer right now but I was curious to see how they would onboard new customers in a world with the already existing services (Netflix, Apple , Videoland (NL), Hulu, Amazon Prime Video) and how they differentiate themselves from the rest.

How the advertisement was displayed on Instagram

While scrolling on Instagram I stumbled upon the advertisement to get a free exclusive trial until the 12th of November. The main focus of the advertisement is the big five they currently have to offer. On the landing page, you can see they have the same focus but also showcase features like having multiple users, streaming simultaneously with multiple people, offline downloads and a large selection of platforms which are compatible with Disney .

Setting up an account was easy and straightforward. You basically have to enter your email and password to create your personal account. They grouped the CTA button with the terms & agreement what almost made me tap on the checkbox to opt-in for marketing emails.

You can pay either with iDeal (NL), Paypal or Credit Card

After creating the account you get the option to pay monthly (€6,99) or yearly (€69,99 instead of €83,88 based on the monthly price). My calculator tells me that you will save about €13,89 when choosing for the yearly payment. Kind of a missed chance there to show the amount you saved in the yearly option which basically means you get 2 months for free.

The checkbox on top of every payment method asks whether to save this preferred payment method for other companies of The Walt Disney Family of Companies. I don’t know what this exactly means but I also don’t want to know. Do they have my payment details next time I’m visiting Disney Land?

Anyway. Big fan of the effortless PayPal One Touch option which allows you to pay directly without entering any details, so I went for that option. The payment is being processed and a subtle Disney themed loader is being shown — nice touch.

Only an iOS download button on the iPhone

After the payment is being processed I was guided to the landing page of downloading the iOS application in the App Store. All pretty straightforward from there. The application has a pretty good overall rating of ⭐3.6 (915) and is currently #1 in the Entertainment app category.

Opening the app for the first time and log in

The landing page on iOS has the same aesthetic as the mobile web but it doesn’t show any available content outside of the repetitive imagery from the big five studios. From here I can log in with the account I just created.

Pretty similar to Netflix and other streaming services

The overall look of the application is pretty clean and offers all the basics (category overview, personal favorites with offline capabilities and multiple profiles) you would expect from a streaming service. By default, I got the Micky Mouse avatar. It would have been fun to be able to pick the avatar myself when entering the application.

Detail page, information about the movie and picking your avatar options

The Verge did a proper breakdown of the available titles which you can read here if you are interested.

I think Walt Disney did a pretty good job on their first launch without lacking any important features. I’m guessing that the main reason why people would choose for Disney is the (4K) content and it will be a matter of time to see how fast they will be able to expand their catalog to reach a bigger audience.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the onboarding process of the Disney streaming service. I’m very curious about how this growing landscape of streaming services will eventually shape how we watch movies and TV shows.

What do you think is the future of streaming services?