Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual user event, kicked off today, and with it, the launch of Salesforce 360 Truth: a platform that brings together the company’s family of products: Saleforce Data Manager, Salesforce Identity for Customers, a Privacy and Data Governance solution, and eventually, Customer 360 Audiences.

Patrick Stokes, EVP of platform, shared services at Salesforce, said the newly introduced Salesforce 360 Truth platform aims to “create more connected and continued experiences,” by bringing the full context of the customer into the experience.

Salesforce Data Manager. Salesforce began talking about their Data Manager solution last year, but is only now making it generally available to all users after keeping it in beta for a number of months. The Data Manager uses a canonical data model and universal Salesforce ID to connect customer data across other systems: “With a click-based user interface for app and data management, admins can easily establish trusted connections between data sources to prepare, match, reconcile and update the customer profile,” explains Salesforce.

Salesforce Identity for Customers. The identity solution has been available for some time, but is now being rolled into the Customer 360 Truth platform. The solution provides a single, authenticated login experience for a company’s websites, e-commerce storefronts, mobile apps and connected products — all while delivering identity analytics and insights on the users taking advantage of the single-login experience.

Privacy Data and Governance. The Customer 360 Truth platform also includes privacy measures, enabling companies to go field-by-field, defining how data will be used from one system to another. It also offers data classification labels within Salesforce so that users can see what types of data is available and what data customers have approved — as well as how best to interact with customers using the data.

The Privacy and Data Governance solution is designed to help customers comply with regulatory laws, including GDPR and CCPA, according to the Salesforce announcement.

Customer 360 Audiences. This solution is not yet ready to be added to the Customer 360 Truth platform, but will be introduced later in 2020 said Stokes. First mentioned by Salesforce in June, Customer 360 Audience aims to unify customer profiles across data. Using customer email addresses, first party IDs, as well as unknown data (website visits and device IDs) and powered by AI, the system creates customer segments that can predict things like “lifetime value” or “likelihood to churn” — allowing marketers to optimize the customer experience.

Why we should care. Marketers are striving to streamline their customer journey — an effort that arguably begins with the strength of a company’s CRM system. By pulling together data manager, identity, privacy governance, and soon, the Audience 360 solution, Salesforce is offering a treasure trove of capabilities all within its already well-established CRM platform.

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