We think people need more, and perhaps more mind-expanding even, examples of what Sanity can be used for! It’s a general real-time back-end with mutations, listening, and security. We can’t count the times we have thought “we could totally, maybe build that service on top of our own APIs, like over the weekend”.

This time, however, we actually went through with it. We made our very own real-time party quiz JAMstack app using Sanity.io as backend with serverless functions to power it. It’s unashamedly inspired by the beloved Kahoot, and we called it Squizzy and we dumped lots of cephalopodian puns on it (sorry, not sorry).

It’s great case as it both uses real-time APIs for listening to changes in game state and has a studio tool that works as the presenter display. Yes – the presenter display is just a tool, in the studio, right next to the content.

Go to this GitHub repo to download and deploy Squizzy yourself. We have prepared it for deployment on ZEIT’s Now, but you can deploy it on similar services by making a few changes in the configuration. And of course, you should fork the repo and customize this project to be your own personalized quiz services, either for family holiday gatherings or for the crowds at your company retreats. And since you get the code, you can do all sorts of customizations to it: Rig it to automatically favor your own answers or replace the mascot with your favorite eight-limbed species.

The web app comes with a QR code scanner