As web developers, we (obviously) help create the web. So it should come as no surprise that we have an inordinate amount of blog posts, articles, and links created on the web every week related to web development. Keeping up can be tough. One of the tools I use is to subscribe to newsletters, but there are a lot of those too! In this post, I cover all the ones that I personally am aware of that are relevant to frontend web developers. Please feel free to share additional newsletters in the comments.

General Frontend Development

Frontend Focus

This newsletter, formerly named HTML5 Weekly, from Cooper Press (as a number of inclusions in this post are) focuses on web standards, HTML, CSS and related technologies.

Frontend Weekly

Frontend Weekly covers similar topics to Frontend Focus (i.e. web standards, HTML, CSS) but often with very different links.

Responsive Web Design Weekly

RWD and just plain-old web design have mostly become indistinguishable, but this newsletter covers a lot of general frontend development with a tilt towards web design and mobile.


This newsletter is curated by Nicolás Bevacqua is focused on the web platform and is usually a good source of deep technical posts.

O’Reilly Web Newsletter

O’Reilly’s web-focused newsletter has the benefit of being short, never presenting more than 8-10 links, which makes it good for very quickly catching up on some top links.


The Web Development Reading List by Anselm Hannemann is good read in that it has a limited number of links but always with commentary and context for them.


JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript Weekly, also from Cooper Press, has been around for a long time and has a huge audience. While it often has a ton of links, some relatively recent changes to the format still make it easy to scan and find what you are interested in.

ES.Next News

This newsletter is curated by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer, a well known JavaScript expert. It focuses more on JavaScript language features. It also is limited to 5 links, making it a quick and easy way to catch up.

Node Weekly

A Cooper Press newsletter focused on the Node ecosystem or relevant articles on the JavaScript language.

CSS and Web Design

CSS Weekly

CSS Weekly, curated by Zoran Jambor, has been around for some time and rounds up articles, tutorials, experiments and tools related to CSS.

Web Design Weekly

This well curated newsletter by Jake Bresnehan has a broad array of links often from straight design to tools and development related to web design as well as links for design inspiration.


This newsletter covers similar topics to Web Design Weekly, but with what seems like a slightly stronger designer tilt, even though it does include some more general web development links.

CSS Animation Weekly

This newsletter, curated by Donovan Hutchinson, focuses on web animation using CSS, as the name implies.


Mobile Dev Weekly

I curate this one with my good friend Holly Schinsky and the folks at Cooper Press. While it focuses on anything mobile development, we heavily cover mobile web focused content as well as tools like React Native, NativeScript, Ionic.

History of the Web

We can’t really understand where we are unless we understand how we got here – and, when it comes to the web and web development, Jay Hoffman serves up history that, on top of being useful, is always fun to read.

Web Tools Weekly

Do you find it tough to keep up with all the new tools and open source libraries, well this newsletter, curated by Louis Lazaris, gives you the latest tools and releases focused on web development and design.