CRM provider SugarCRM has announced an extensive list of new capabilities for customer support agents with the release of Sugar Serve. According to SugarCRM, Sugar Serve will create an integrated experience for customer support agents as they work with customers, helping to improve the customer experience.

Why we should care

Customer support agents are typically standing on the front lines when it comes to helping our customers. But agents who aren’t provided the necessary customer data during their interactions often struggle to resolve issues in a timely manner, resulting in poor customer experiences.

Sugar Serve’s Service Console brings the necessary data points for the agent into a single console to easily view during the interaction. The data points, determined by the SLA, include the customer’s information, account activity history and case details and help the agent determine the next best action based on this information.

“This introduced extensive new capabilities for customer service agents unlike any application on the market today,” said CEO Craig Charlton. “With our Service Console, we’ve put all the critical information for resolving a support case into a single panel, helping our customers reduce case resolution times, improve SLA achievement, increase customer satisfaction and improve support experiences. And that puts them on the path of cultivating customers for life.”

By arming customer support agents with the necessary information and improving interactions, marketers have opportunities to learn more about their customers and identify the best type of content for follow-up interactions and automated campaigns.

More on the news

In addition to the Service Console, SugarCRM also introduces a number of new features:

  • SLA Management: Prioritizes work, ensures SLA achievement, and measures support performance through the coordinated management of complex SLAs, multi-region business centers, and business hours
  • SugarBPM Automation: Leverages out-of-the-box workflows and SugarBPM to prioritize work intelligently; route, reassign, and escalate cases; calculate follow-up dates; and send notifications
  • Self-Service: Enables users to resolve issues and find answers to questions with an easy-to-use customer portal and knowledge base
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provides support center managers deeper insights into the metrics that matter with over 60 pre-packaged reports and dashboards
  • Tile View: Provides a pivot table-like organizational structure to the opportunity pipeline, including managing opportunities by sales stage and expected close date
  • Sugar Mobile Enhancements: Brings drill-down insights, enhanced collaboration, and a better quoting experience for multiple currenciesSugarBPM Advanced Email Handling – Monitors and triggers email-based actions within a workflow and allows setting “From” and “Reply-To” email addresses in automated emails

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