SurveyMonkey Audience, known as SurveyMonkey’s “do it yourself” research solution, helps marketers gathering findings for various research use cases including market sizing, brand tracking, ad testing, content marketing and customer profiling – among others. The solution will be expanding its capabilities to improve marketers’ research experiences with the launch of SurveyMonkey Audience Premium.

Why we should care

Customer data is essential for marketers, and SurveyMonkey has proven to be a solution for creating engaging interactions with our customers while generating new data points. With SurveyMonkey Audience Premium, SurveyMonkey anticipates that marketers will be able to rapidly scale their market research programs — and build robust customer profiles and improve their marketing efforts based on these learnings.

The premium add-ons to SurveyMonkey Audience are expected to help marketers quickly dive deeper into their insights. In addition to expedited reporting capabilities, Premium also includes a dedicated account team, and product trainings, among other offerings.

For those working in different geographies, this could help marketers better understand their customers in various parts of a country or the world. SurveyMonkey audience allows users to target respondents based on different demographics, firmographics and other customizable questions, which could produce key insights

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With SurveyMonkey Audience Premium, customers will gain access to:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Team-wide product trainings
  • Access to B2B and low-incidence niche targets on multiple panels to reach the right respondents efficiently
  • Tracker management so customers can focus on making decisions by leveraging insights into market trends

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