Product experience management (PXM) platform Salsify and e-commerce image provider Snap36 have announced a partnership that integrates the companies’ technologies and supports 360-degree — also called “spin” — image integration on Walmart is one of the first retailers to implement 360-degree product images across its entire site.

Why we care

The Salsify platform allows marketers and e-commerce managers to manage their online inventory across a number of sites in the e-commerce ecosystem — including Amazon, BJ’s, Shopify and Walmart— from a centralized platform. One of its key features is its searchable digital asset manager (DAM), which automates asset needs such as resizing, renaming and reformatting images.

A 2019 consumer research report published by Salsify found that consumers want an average of six images and at least two videos to accompany each product. The partnership with Snap36 seeks to address consumer needs by offering 360-degree product images that enable consumers to take a closer look at products when browsing online, inherently creating a more engaging experience.

An example of 360-degree product images from Snap36.

“Image-rich product pages are not optional for brands that want to win on the digital shelf — they are mandatory,” said Rob Gonzalez, co-founder and CMO, Salsify. “Shoppers, particularly on digital channels, want as much information as possible before making a purchasing decision.” Walmart’s 360-degree imagery will be able to provide brands with more ways to highlight product details features shoppers on

More on the news

  • “Our customers have seen 360-degree content improve online conversions by nearly 50%, so it’s no wonder Walmart is leading retailers in advocating for more spin images on its website,” said Jeff Hunt, CEO, Snap36. 
  • Snap36 has worked with Walmart since 2018 to enable its 360-degree image viewing capabilities across its retail sites on both mobile and desktop.
  • Current Snap36 customers include The Home Depot, Macy’s, and Lowe’s – among others.
  • Brands currently using Salsify’s PXM platform include Bosch, Coca Cola, and Fruit of the Loom.

About The Author

Jennifer Videtta Cannon serves as Third Door Media’s Senior Editor, covering topics from email marketing and analytics to CRM and project management. With over a decade of organizational digital marketing experience, she has overseen digital marketing operations for NHL franchises and held roles at tech companies including Salesforce, advising enterprise marketers on maximizing their martech capabilities. Jennifer formerly organized the Inbound Marketing Summit and holds a certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics from MIT Sloan School of Management.


Adelphic, a subscription-based, cross-channel DSP, announced on Wednesday it was extending its partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to give advertisers a pre-bid keyword customization solution. Advertisers will be able to filter ad inventory by avoiding specific keywords within a URL string — reducing the potential for ads to appear in environments deemed unsafe or unsuitable by the brand.

Why we care

The integration of IAS’s pre-bid keyword customization tool into Adelphic’s programmatic ad platform aims to give advertisers a new level of brand safety and better ROI by reducing the number of impressions wasted on ads that appear in unsuitable environments.

IAS reports advertisers list, on average, 487 keywords on a single blocklist and that, according to its global ad data, several brands utilize multiple blocklists per an ad campaign. The company says it blocked 9.8 billion impressions in a single year based on keyword brand safety concerns. Having a brand safety solution that helps advertisers avoid potentially hazardous environments gives brands an added layer of confidence, especially those with comprehensive blocklists attached to multiple campaigns.

More on the news

  • Adelphic is owned by the adtech company Viant.
  • Adelphic’s partnership with IAS started in 2016, with the introduction of a pre-bid targeting solution from IAS that was integrated into the Adelphic platform.
  • IAS is an ad verification platform for advertisers and publishers that was founded in 2009 and is now part of the Vista Equity Partners portfolio.

About The Author

Amy Gesenhues is a senior editor for Third Door Media, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land, Search Engine Land and MarTech Today. From 2009 to 2012, she was an award-winning syndicated columnist for a number of daily newspapers from New York to Texas. With more than ten years of marketing management experience, she has contributed to a variety of traditional and online publications, including MarketingProfs, SoftwareCEO, and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine. Read more of Amy’s articles.

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