What TV shows and movies inspired the design community most in 2019? This year, tons of graphic designers and illustrators were inspired to take on self-initiated projects, specially dedicated to their favorite media entertainment. Today, we’re sharing amazing designs from a few of these top contenders so you can enjoy reliving your favorite film and television moments of 2019!

Game of Thrones

Many people anxiously awaited the final season of Game of Thrones to premiere, and designers were no exception. After the first episode aired, Dribbble exploded with designs depicting favorite characters, epic scenes, as well as illustrations of the show’s breathtaking fictional lands:

  1. Valar morghulis

  2. King's Landing

  3. Casterly Rock

  4. Tyrion

  5. The Things We Love Destroy Us Every Time.

  6. The Iron Throne

  7. Game of Thrones - Forever in Our Hearts

  8. Dragonstone


  10. Game of Thrones

  11. Real Life Game Of Thrones Filming Locations - Culture Trip

Row 1:
Joanna Behar,
Paola Ortega,
Cat Coquillette.
Row 2:
Roman Klčo for Shakuro.
Row 3:
Oleh Harlamov for Zajno Crew,
Aldo Crusher,
Carra Sykes.
Row 4:
Konstantinos Pappas,
Rafael Serra,
Michael Driver.

Toy Story

It’s no surprise that so many designers and creatives, in general, are huge Disney fans. We can all appreciate the character design and artistry that goes into making an animated film. As you can tell, designers relived their childhood nostalgia when Toy Story 4 came out this year. Check it out:

  1. Partners

  2. Toy Story - Film Poster

  3. Tea with Mrs. Nesbitt

  4. Going beyond

  5. Backstreet Toys

  6. Woody

  7. You've Got a Friend in Me

  8. Basement, 1999 - Snippet 1

Row 1:
Diobelle Cerna,
Cale Grossman,
Mohamed Chahin.
Row 2:
James Oconnell,
Jahng hyoung joon.
Row 3:
Wendy Ríos,
Diobelle Cerna,
Alex Pasquarella for Canopy.

Stranger Things

Designers have been creating fan art for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things ever since the first season aired back in 2016. This year was no exception—season three of the science fiction horror show premiered just in time for summer 2019, and designers all over the world were inspired to create. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Stranger Things Have Happened

  2. eleven & max ?‍♀️

  3. Neon Stranger

  4. Hopper

  5. Stranger Things

  6. Stranger Things ElMax

Row 1:
Oleh Harlamov for Zajno Crew,
Jonathan Ball,
Anya Perepelkina.
Row 2:
VISU∆L jams,
Julian Burford,
Roman Klčo for Shakuro.
Row 3:
Bobbo Andonova,
Keith Vlahakis,
Patryk Wojciechowicz ? for Fireart Studio.

Avengers: Endgame

Last spring, your favorite group of superheroes reunited to take down Thanos, the evil demigod who destroyed the planet. Designers showed their appreciation for these heroes by creating some awesome artwork depicting their favorite scenes and characters:

  1. Avengers

  2. The Avengers

  3. Avengers Headquarters

  4. Avengers Helicarrier

  5. Endgame

  6. Thor

  7. Endgame

  8. Superheroes

  9. Avengers

Row 1:
Manuel Cetina ,
Rafael Serra,
Roman Klčo for Shakuro.
Row 2:
Roman Klčo for Shakuro,
Marie Bergeron,
Justin Alvin.
Row 3:
Fabio Di Corleto,
Aleksandar Savic,
Manuel Cetina .

The Joker

We all love an epic hero, but what about an iconic supervillain? Designers were inspired to create fan art in anticipation and in celebration of The Joker, debuting in theatres in October 2019. Feast your eyes on these brilliant portraits, posters, and 3D work:

  1. Joker

  2. Joker Lego 3D Model

  3. Joker Poster

  4. Joker - Freebie

  5. joker

  6. Joker

  7. Joker

  8. 'Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?' ?

  9. JOKER

Row 1:
xMx Luo,
Parnian Moghaddam,
Regys Lima.
Row 2:
Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia,
Gytis Jonaitis for Flair Digital.
Row 3:
Diego Riselli,

Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Last but definitely not least is the new Disney Plus show Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda who made his debut on the show, won the hearts of designers all over the world. In fact, we’re still seeing tons of different reinterpretations of Baby Yoda on Dribbble every day, and we’re not complaining about it! Here are a few favorites:

  1. The Mandalorian

  2. Baby Yoda

  3. The Mandalorian Illustration

  4. Mandalorian - Daily Pixel Character

  5. The Child

  6. Little Baby Yoda - Warmup #14

  7. Baby Yoda cute af

  8. Baby On Board

  9. Mandalorian

  10. Baby Yoda

  11. Lil Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

  12. Mandalorian

  13. The Mandalorian

  14. the child

  15. jacques baby yoda dribbble

  16. Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian

  17. Baby Yoda? Green Bean? The Kid?

Row 1:
Keith Vlahakis,
Alana Louise,
Row 2:
Chris K. Seidel,
Kassie Scribner,
Henrique Athayde.
Row 3:
Valentin Galmand ,
Jonathan Ball,
Folio Illustration Agency.
Row 4:
Aleksandar Savic,
Dennis Salvatier,
Diego Messori.
Row 5:
Aliz Buzas,
Jacques Marcotte.
Row 6:
Ori Hasson,
Jetpacks and Rollerskates.

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