I’ve always loved to make things, so designing products for others and myself is very fulfilling.

My favorite thing is a new idea. Big or small. Whether it’s mine or a friends, once I hear it, I start thinking about the flow, brand names, looking up available domains, funny marketing ideas, the demographic, how to make money from it, etc. Ask any friend who has shared an idea with me about random texts at 2am.

To keep learning, I go to local meetups for tools like Framer.js, or Dribbble, or take online courses. In August of 2018, I sold everything, bought a trailer and left Seattle on a once in a lifetime road trip. You can see our journey here: Young, Fun & Broke.

Recent work I’ve done

Who I’ve worked with

What I’m looking for


“Work on what I love with people I love in a place I love.” – Ben Huh

  • Design challenges
  • Team collaboration
  • Forward thinking company
  • Mutual trust and respect from leaders and co- workers
  • More remote working flexibility.