Validate your design decisions inside your favourite design tool.
We combine leading neuroscience research with AI to accurately predict
how people will react to your digital designs.

How It Works

Feature 01

Input Design

The VisualEyes plugin uploads any kind or size of UI
design artwork to our platform.

Feature 02

AI Algorithm

Our AI algorithm predicts the attention of users based
on more than 20,000 eye-tracking data from our platform and open datasets.

Feature 03

Attention Heatmap

You will receive a transparent (or with the original
image as background) heatmap that displays the attention areas of your


Optimise designs

Eliminate design guesswork by making decisions
based on more than 20.000 images with millions of gaze and click recordings.

Get instant feedback

Seamlessly get feedback on your
designs with only 1 click.

Embrace your process

Generate attention heatmaps without
ever leaving your design

Integrate easily

Select an artboard and run
VisualEyes plugin. The outcome is a
transparent heatmap layer above your
other layers.

Apply for our Beta version

Our Beta testers audience is growning fast,
make sure you’re one of them and use our
plugins first.